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About ixRank.com

ixRank came after following a discussion between Meghan Remy, friends, and the expert team. They want to guide peoples or users about the Best bone conduction headphones and gaming laptops and other technology products.

Meghan realized people are trying to figure out which one is the best product to buy.

If you are also trying to know about the best products then you are on the right platform here on ixRank you can find your solution it would be very useful.

Most of the people on coming for those products whos are recommended by the friends without any google research. Actually, people don’t have time to explore their problems on the internet and not have time to read reviews.

That meeting and discussion Meghan and her friends about the best bone conduction headphones and best gaming headphones ended in an electronic store. They looked at hundreds of headphones there a lot of fulfilling the buyer requirements and they are top-rated in the headphones life. After spending a lot of time finding only the best products Meghan left great ideas for the website and here is now ixRank.com.

Please take a look and leave here your review in the comments to enhance our quality.

Our Team

In 2020 ixRank is only an idea and was not implemented and was not in public. Meghan test many technologies and home products and she writing reviews on them. Our team grown over the past months and years, We are very happy to introduce our team.

  Meghan Remy PicMeghan Remy

Meghan is a top-rated writer from the US. She is Upwork, Fiverr top rated recently, and also a digital marketer and content marketer.

  Aamish Pic Aamish Sohail

Aamish Sohail is a Senior Full Stack Software Engineer, He is working as a full-stack developer for the last 5 years and also top-rated on Upwork and Fiverr.

Hafiz Anwar PicHafiz Anwar

Hafiz Anwar is a Full-stack Web Developer is working as a WordPress and Laravel developer. Doing freelancing for 3 years and, He is also SEO Expert.



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