Bone Conduction


Bone conduction has a long and broader history, as well as it has an efficient and unique way of sound conduction, almost 5 to 6 centuries before scientist and experts started thinking and working on this method to conduct sound through bones, these all are theoretical finding and paper work. From the past few decades medical expert saves many human lives by using the bone conduction equipment, medically it changes the life of many disabled people on our planet, several technologies have been developed so for to transmit sound through bones system. Now we will discuss this technology in detail and briefly to know their fundamentals and historic background in broader prospects.


In the 1500s many experiments have been compiled by experts and experiments have recorded to experience the phenomena of sound transmission via vibrating materials. The first person how got success and write articles, discuss the theory was the “Girolamo Cardano” in 1500s. Initially immature objects were used to support the conduction to Conway the sound to listener, who have hearing loss by using rode or other materials. After decades in 1900s microphones were developed as the technology getting smarter and becoming advance, experts achieve a big advantage to transmit sound by converting into mechanical waves, in this era bone conduction devices were developed of different sizes and with different design for multiple purposes. Initial devices were not much impressive due to the its design that’s not better adjustable, inefficient sound transmission and sound quality. But these experiment work open a way towards the today modern technology and updated devices that almost change the human life of this period. Several bone anchored hearing aids and surgical devices
have been attempted.

In Sweden, Anders Tjellstrom and his partner were succeeded to implant titanium devices in 1977. In 1980s the very first device bone-anchored hearing was developed,
and widely commercially provided, lot of patients have been cured by using this device which have been suffering completely hearing losses, partial hearing losses and single sided hearing losses. After this big achievement a series of new ways open and lot of potential have been made to made this phenomenon advance. Now we are to discuss the detail technical and core basics of bone conduction technology and about this system mechanical prospect.

Bone Conduction System Anatomy

Here we will explain you the complete scenario of bone conduction system, how different human mini-parts of bones and other multiple functions contribute to make this whole phenomenon happen in actual. Different body mechanisms involve to complete bone conduction process. Sound is propagated from sound waves in vibrations and passes through skull and bones to cochlea, so that the end result of transmitting waves to cochlea nerve, the process is simple like traditional air conduction system works. There is a process how this whole anatomy of bone conduction works, and we are clearing the heads of our audience to describe the full pathway. There are five contributing pathways that engage to conduct this process. The experts have described in details:

    1. Sound waves to the external ear canal
    2. Middle ear ossicle inertia
    3. Inertia of cochlear fluids
    4. Compression of the cochlear walls or inner ear compression
    5. Pressure transmission from cerebrospinal fluid as the principal contributors to bone conduction.

The major contributor in this whole process is inertia of cochlear fluids. Here we explain how the expert take advantage to process the bone conduction system, bone conduction take hedge by changing sound energy into vibrations and transmit through bones of skull. By using this conduction system lot of devices have been developed and supplied to medical patients and other commercial purposes. In which largely surgical instrument are involved some other extrinsic devices are also included. These devices are very production for the patients how have completely or partial or mixed hearing losses which can’t use their traditional air conduction hearing system. These devices are also used for medical propagations and other interventional process as well.

In this modern era of technology and modern days of innovations, and with the productive life of today’s human and adventurous life of human many innovations have been made in this century. So, bone conduction headphones are one of the modern inventions in human life. With broader aspect expert find that why this technology should not use for common human development and for human advantages. By leading this idea many commercial companies and manufacturer started developing bone conduction headphones, and it is getting popularity day by day.

Bone Conduction Headphones

In this modern era there are hundreds of brands that are developing sound devices, if we thing for a while perhaps we can list many brands and companies in our mind, but in these modern day’s technology getting smarter and devices are becoming more modern and smaller in size. Now a days headphones are most famous due to its sizes and advantages, headphones have become a wider family like earbuds, canal buds, light weight headphone, many noise canceling headphones and many other categories like wired headphones and many more. With the passage of time many other advantages and disadvantages have been observed people are facing with headphones and as well as with hearing problems. So far, a new category of headphones has been developed to solve these problems, bone conduction headphones. This type of headphones has been used for armed forces in the battle field and for the peoples that are facing hearing losses problems.

Introduction to Bone Conduction Headphones

Sound travels in the form of vibrations through air, like while a dog is barking on the street, motor bike is passing around, when you hearing car horns on road, TV sound these all are producing vibrations that travel via air to our ears. In this way sound reaches to our inner eardrums, this is the method how basic headphones and air conduction devices works. On the other side bone conduction system works differently, it transfers vibrations through your skin, muscles, cheekbones and bones of ears and transmit through your cochlea. This technology has been circulating from many years and have been developed for special purposes. You can hear same sound quality you are hearing with traditional headphones. This technology from previous some years have emerged in headphones, now it is widely popular. So, these headphones have many advantages from the many other types of headphones. We are listing few in this topic below.

More Physical and Surrounding consciousness

This is the super prominent advantage of this technology. Listen audios and recorded books are a great advantage while you are on the road, streets, working in the field, on the side or women working in home, in the kitchen or on the job. Weather you listen your playlist or audiobooks using bone conduction headphones while you are running, walking, driving you can hear noises around you, but on the other hand while you are listening with traditional headphone you are off from the noises around you, and being off from your surrounding can engage you into a road accident, unaware you from voices of trains, cars, motor bikes and horns. From previous decade experts have analyze that a figure of deaths has been recorded in which victim are caused by road accident due to problem of consciousness. Using bone conduction technology your ears are completely open and you are fully aware of your surroundings, voices circulating near you. Even you can sound well if a person walking, you can listen clearly his foot step approaching to you. And if you are working in your office, you can listen you employees or colleagues.

Different hearing System and Experience

In the modern days of today world knowledge and information is very important and it became primary need of human being, so audiobooks are very famous in today life. People shown a big interest toward this technology, listening your favorite tunes or books while you are enjoying your outside voices as well is a super dual experience, people feel a two coating (layer) rather than single. You can’t believe that how it is a great full experience of bone conduction headphones. If you can afford buy a bone conduction headphone and experience.

Perfect wearing Advantage

If we see few years in past wired headphones are very common and every person have almost used in our communities, and it’s a very uncomfortable and annoyingexperience with that sticky wired thing especially while you are running on jogging machine or walking. You are totally uncomfortable with wires in your daily life. Now a days earbuds are very famous and every person is discussing about different brands and planning to buy it, a majority of people have already bought it and facing some uncomfortableness when they are running or walking on track their earbuds fall out, some buys question on earbuds reputation they face uncomfortable things with this unstick shapes. Bone conduction headphones are wireless as well as they fit to your ears perfectly and no chances of falling out and no ear pain, many people face ear pain in their outer ear when they are using headphones in their ears, on the other side bone conduction headphones wearable on your back of head and fit on your ears with no issue. So, it’s a completely different level of enjoyable and comfortable invention.