Best Bone Conduction Headphones Bluetooth

In your daily lives, you have often heard the terms Bluetooth or wireless headphones. Even if you don’t belong to a technical background, these terms have somehow come across you. But why the Bluetooth or wireless headphones are a buzzword in the world of headphones nowadays?

In today’s world, cables are becoming obsolete and every manufacturer is trying to get rid of ports or cables by replacing them with wireless technologies. Often gamers don’t like this transition because they believe that wired headphones are still the way to go.

However, some gamers act in the favor of wireless headphones because they think that these headphones bring more portability to their platform and since there is no real difference between the sound quality, portability is the way to go.

Best Bone Conduction Headphones Bluetooth


AfterShokz Aeropex
  • Weight: 26 grams
  • Bluetooth Technology: Bluetooth 5.0
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Bonein BN-702
  • Weight: 45 Grams
  • Bluetooth Technology: Bluetooth 4.0
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AfterShokz Air
  • Weight: 36 Grams
  • Sensor: Bluetooth 4.1
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  • Weight: 40 Grams
  • Sensor: Bluetooth 5.0
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AfterShokz Titanium
  • Weight: 29.7 Grams
  • Sensor: Bluetooth 5.0
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Barcley A9
  • Weight: 37 Grams
  • Sensor: Bluetooth 5.1
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Tayogo S2
  • Weight: 37.7 Grams
  • Sensor: Bluetooth 5.0
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AfterShokz Xtrainerz
  • Weight: 41 Garams
  • Sensor: Bluetooth 5.1
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This debate can go on forever and the fact of the matter is, it all depends on the end-user. So, we are not here to take part or to extend the debate between wireless or wired headphones with our point-of-views.

We are here for a more productive discussion.

Today’s Agenda

Today, we are here to talk about the best wireless or Bluetooth headphones; but not simple headphones, we are going to talk about bone-conduction headphones.

What’s a Bone-Conduction Headphone?

Bone-conduction headphones are different from traditional headphones and rather than going over the head, on top of the ear, inside the ear, or over the ear, these headphones sit at the back of your head and fit at the temples. Their name specifies that their work has something to do with bones.

These headphones eliminate the eardrums from the picture and transfer the sound directly to the inner ears and human brain, so you can easily enjoy the music or attend the calls.

Bone-Conduction Headphones with Bluetooth Modules

Bone-conduction headphones are mostly wireless and manufacturers often use Bluetooth 4.1, Bluetooth 4.2, or Bluetooth 5.0 modules to connect these headphones with PCs or smartphones, but Bluetooth 4.1 or 4.2 are old technologies and that’s why people often complain about headphones disconnectivity issues and others.

The 5.0 Bluetooth module transmits data at a faster speed and gives a more reliable connection with other devices. That’s why nowadays a lot of manufacturers are using these in bone-conduction headphones.

But for a beginner, it can be difficult to track down the best bone-conduction headphones based on Bluetooth connectivity. That’s why we have gathered a list of best bone conduction headphones Bluetooth and rather than searching the internet with alternate queries, you can read our discussion.

Best Bone Conduction Headphones Bluetooth

The following list is ranked based on the connectivity these headphones have provided to us in our testing. Now keep in mind that you won’t find Vidonn bone conduction headphones here because often people have complained about the connectivity of these headphones.

So, without any further delay, let’s check out the list.

1. AfterShokz Aeropex

Bluetooth Technology:Bluetooth 5.0
Behavior with Water:IP67 Sweat and Dust Proof
Battery Life:8 Hours of Continuous Playback
Weight:26 grams (only)
Forte:Snug and Comfortable Fit
AfterShokz Aeropex bone conduction headphone

The AfterShokz Aeropex model comes with the best technical specs among all AfterShokz bone conduction headphones and that’s why it has made the top spot on our list of the best bone conduction headphones Bluetooth. But let’s find out other reasons why these headphones are worth giving a shot.

Insights of these headphones:

Starting with their physical structure, these bone-conduction headphones are one of the lightweight bone-conduction headphones you’ll ever find in the market as they weigh only 26g.

If you are in the field of bone-conduction headphones for so long, you will know that Zulu Exero and KppeX BH528 are the lightest bone-conduction headphones, but these (AfterShokz Aeropex) bone-conduction headphones have beaten those two headphones as well by being 8% (2 grams) lighter.

Moving onto the battery life, the Aeropex model comes with a long battery life of 8 hours, which is the longest battery life you’ll ever find in our today’s list of the best bone conduction headphones Bluetooth.

What’s crazy about this 8 hours of battery life is, it gives 2 hours of more playback time than average bone-conduction headphones.

Speaking of waterproof rating, the Aeropex model has an IP code of IP67 which makes it dust and waterproof, so you can use these headphones for your intense workout sessions.

Last but not the least, the Bluetooth 5.0 module gives these bone-conduction headphones stable and long-range wireless connectivity. The comfortable fit makes these headphones one of the best bone conduction headphones 2023.

  • Long battery life
  • Sweat and dust-proof
  • Comfy fit
  • Bluetooth 5.0 gives a stable connection
  • Extra lightweight
  • Listening to loud songs makes these headphones vibrate strongly which sometimes results in itchy ears
  • Most expensive entry in today’s list

2. AfterShokz OpenMove

Bluetooth Technology:Bluetooth 5.0 Connectivity
Behavior with Water:IP55 Dust and Water Resistant
Battery Life:6 Hours of Continuous Playback Time
Weight:29 grams
Forte:Three Equalizer Modes
Signal Range:Up to 33 feet
AfterShokz OpenMove bone conduction headphone

If you are a sound geek and you want the same sound quality as the flagship model of AfterShokz (AfterShokz Aeropex) but at a lesser price, then you can try out the AfterShokz OpenMove.

The OpenMove is just a few things behind the AfterShokz Aeropex model and that’s why we have put this in the second spot on our list of the best bone conduction headphones Bluetooth. So, let’s find out those things.

Insights of these headphones:

AfterShokz OpenMove has one of the lowest prices in the bone-conduction headphones lineup of AfterShokz, but still, it offers (almost) the same sound quality as Aeropex because both these headphones come with Premium Pitch 2.0. Even in a noisy environment, you will get a detailed and richer sound quality thanks to the Premium Pitch 2.0.

One of the highlights of these headphones is their 3 equalizer modes: Standard Mode, Vocal Booster Mode, and Earplug Mode. Let’s discuss each mode according to a particular scenario:

  • You can use the Standard Mode for (obviously) regular listening.
  • The Vocal Booster Mode is suitable for listening to podcasts and audiobooks.
  • For using these headphones with free foam earplugs, you can use the Earplug Mode.

The AfterShokz OpenMove comes with IP55 dust and water-resistant rating, which means that even in intense training sessions, athletes can use these headphones without facing any issue. Even the harsh weather conditions won’t create any issue with these headphones.

Another great thing about these headphones is their prevention against sound leakage because even some premium bone-conduction headphones deal with this issue, which plays a huge part in the downfall of those headphones.

However, that’s not the case with these (OpenMove) headphones as it helps the users in keeping their music to themselves.

The Bluetooth 5.0 module gives a faster and more stable connection with smartphones or computers. As we are on the subject of connectivity, these headphones give you a long range of 33 feet, which means that even if your audio source is 33 ft. away, you can listen to music, podcast, or audiobooks without any connectivity issue.

These headphones are packed with multipoint pairing, which means that they can pair with two different devices simultaneously. Not only that, but these headphones will also notify you about incoming calls from different devices and automatically connect you to the right device for answering a call.

  • Affordable pick
  • Reasonable sound quality (considering its price tag)
  • Simultaneous pairing with multiple devices
  • Bluetooth 5.0 offers faster and long-range connectivity
  • Customizable Sound Experience
  • Not as comfortable as AfterShokz Aeropex (which is understandable considering its price tag)
  • Build quality will cause discomfort after a few hours of wearing

3. MilanSo Bone Conduction Headphones:

Bluetooth Technology:Bluetooth 5.0 Connectivity
Behavior with Water:IP56 Dust and Waterproof
Battery Life:10 Hours of Standby Time and 6 Hours of Continuous Playback Time
Signal Range:33 Feet Wireless Signal Transmission
MilanSo bone conduction headphone

A lot of people may not know about these headphones, but MilanSo bone-conduction headphones are another worth trying headphones as these also make use of the Bluetooth 5.0 module. So, we have put these headphones on the third spot on our list of the best bone conduction headphones Bluetooth.

Insights of these headphones:

These headphones are another open ear design headphone on our list but unlike other headphones, these headphones give good sound quality even in noisy environments and that’s one of the things that make these headphones stand out.

As compared to the other bone-conduction headphones at this price point, these headphones have one of the superior sound qualities.

Another thing is its surprisingly good bass quality which comes as a surprise for us during our testing because generally, bone-conduction headphones lack in providing great bass.

With a non-slippery design, the IP56 rating makes these headphones resistant to dust particles and water splashes from any direction. For people who are looking for bone-conduction headphones to support their active lifestyles, these headphones will be a great choice.

The manufacturer has embedded a Bluetooth 5.0 module in these headphones, which makes the connectivity of these headphones fast and long-range. So, users won’t have to face the issues like audio disconnectivity from their sound sources.

Last but not the least, these headphones have a 200mAh lithium battery which makes these headphones last a whole workday or a complete intense training session of a person. Statistically speaking, these headphones give a standby time of 10 hours and 6 hours of continuous playback time.

  • Long connectivity range
  • Great sound quality (for music) even in the noisy environment
  • Non-slippery design
  • Battery time and standby time is above average
  • Boosted bass
  • Water and dustproof
  • Not a great choice for people looking for bone-conduction headphones for podcasts or audiobooks because of their boosted bass

4. Tayogo S2

Bluetooth Technology:Bluetooth 5.0 Connectivity
Behavior with Water:IP55 Water-Resistant Rating
Battery Life:Up to 6 Hours of Playback Time
Forte:Flexible Design and Compatible with iOS and Android
tayogo s2 bone conductionheahphone

If you are a beginner and looking for affordable or budget-range bone-conduction headphones without compromising on the quality, then you should try Tayogo S2.

The reason why we have put these headphones on the fourth spot on our list of the best bone conduction headphones Bluetooth is the availability of several features in this price range. So, let’s look at all those features.

Insights of these headphones:

Starting with the price range, these bone-conduction headphones won’t break your bank and that’s the most noticeable thing about these bone-conduction headphones because generally, bone-conduction headphones are often expensive.

The availability of the Bluetooth 5.0 module gives these headphones a range of 30 feet and you can connect these headphones to tablets, smartphones such as Android or iOS, or even wearables such as smartwatches. Moreover, you will experience a reliable and efficient connection courtesy of the Bluetooth 5.0 module.

With a single charge, these bone-conduction headphones will give you 6 hours of continuous usage without any worry.

Speaking of comfort, the soft rubber pads of these headphones fit on your cheekbones with great comfort. Moreover, these headphones will wrap around the back of your head with complete perfection and that’s why even with the intense swimming sessions, these headphones won’t slip.

Lastly, the IP55 rating makes these headphones resistant to water, so you can’t use these for long swimming sessions, but for short swimming sessions, these won’t create any problem. If you are looking for bone-conduction headphones for swimming, then make sure to check out the best bone-conduction headphones for swimming.

  • Reliable Bluetooth 5.0 module with long-range
  • Most affordable pick on our list
  • Comfortable for wearing with swimming, sports, and exercise
  • Non-slippery design
  • Battery time and standby time is above average
  • Good battery life
  • You can use earplugs for diminishing ambient noise
  • Even at a high volume, these headphones are not suitable for noisy environments because of their mediocre sound quality

5. KppeX BH528

Bluetooth Technology:Bluetooth 5.0 Connectivity
Behavior with Water:IP56 Water and Dustproof
Forte:360-Degree Titanium Alloy Structure
KppeX BH528 bone conduction headphone

A lot of people may not know that KppeX is a bone-conduction headphone producing brand, but this brand has proved its worth with this model (BH528). We have put these headphones in fifth place on our list of the best bone conduction headphones Bluetooth and let’s see why it’s worth discussing in this list.

Insights of these headphones:

The KppeX BH528 has an IP56 rating which means light rain showers, water sprays, or dust particles won’t bother these headphones.

So, whether you are using these headphones for long cycling or jogging sessions, these will be a great companion as sweat won’t bother these.

KppeX BH528 is the most ergonomic design you will find in our today’s list because the ABS + silicone sleeve and titanium alloy structure make these headphones strong enough that they can survive violent twists.

So, you can twist these headphones in 360-degree, but that twist won’t ruin the design of these.

You will get a 3-years warranty with KppeX BH528 and these headphones are one of the lightest headphones (weighing only 28 grams) on today’s list. For anyone who wants durability and value for his money, KppeX BH528 should be his choice.

  • Great durability
  • Good sound quality
  • 3 years warranty
  • Ergonomic design with 360-degree twisting support
  • Low microphone volume makes these headphones unsuitable for calls

6. Zulu Exero

Bluetooth Technology:Bluetooth 5.0 Connectivity
Weight:28 grams (only)
Battery Life:6-hours of Battery Life
Behavior with Water:IPX5 Water-Resistant Rating
Strength:Built-in Voice Assistance and Microphones for Call
Zulu Exerobone conduction headphone

The sixth entry on our list of the best bone conduction headphones Bluetooth is Zulu Exero, which is specifically designed for outdoor activities courtesy of its high-quality and safe listening specialty. Zulu Exero is one of the best bone-conduction headphones from Zulu Audio and let’s see why it’s worth putting here.

Insights of these headphones:

Zulu Exero fits closer to the ears of the users because rather than sitting in the middle of the cheekbones, these headphones sit on the upper part of the cheekbones.

Often bone-conduction headphones have low volume and when a user listens through bone-conduction headphones at full volume, he might feel discomfort due to the vibration, but Zulu Exero solves this problem. Even if a user is listening at low volume with Zulu Exero, everything will be loud and clear to him.

Speaking of the controls, these headphones feature in-line controls and it will take a simple click of a button to turn on the voice assistant, pause or play music, answer the calls, and mute the microphone. Through the built-in microphone, you can answer the calls with high-quality audio in Zulu Exero.

The 5.0 Bluetooth module makes sure that users will get no delay and even in our testing we’ve experienced minimal to no sound delays for calls or soundtracks.

Last but not the least, the 6 hours of battery life makes these headphones suitable for any type of outdoor activity such as riding, running, hiking, and others.

  • Loud volume
  • Unique positioning
  • Battery life is above par
  • Dependable connectivity courtesy of Bluetooth 5.0
  • Clear conversation during calls
  • Availability of voice assistant
  • Intuitive controls
  • These headphones may be a problem for people with smaller heads because of their different positioning
  • These headphones won’t lay as flat as they should be, which will affect their sound quality as well

7. Genso Bone Conduction Headphone

Bluetooth Technology:Bluetooth 5.0
Battery Life:200mAh Lithium Battery with 5 Hours of Playback time
Weight:1.2 ounces
Wireless Range:33 feet of Transmission
Strength:Even with Tough Exercise Sessions the Build of the Design Allows it to Stay Fit
Genso Bone Conduction Headphone

The last and number seventh entry on our list of the best bone conduction headphones Bluetooth is Genso bone conduction headphones which is another budget range entry and you can get these headphones under $50 easily.

Insights of these headphones:

One of the reasons why we have put these headphones in the Bluetooth bone-conduction headphones list is their long transmission range of 33 feet. During our testing, we haven’t faced any issue regarding the connectivity of these headphones. Speaking of the sound quality, it’s fairly reasonable, especially if we compare these headphones with other bone-conduction headphones in this price range.

Genso bone-conduction headphones feature a 200mAH lithium battery that will give you a playback time of 5 hours, which looks satisfying considering its price tag.

Being bone-conduction headphones, these will make you stay aware of what’s happening around you and when you want to answer the calls with these headphones, the headphones will first pause the music. However, speaking of calling, these headphones aren’t suitable for phone conversations.

For anyone who is facing issues like ear infections or wax buildup, these headphones should be his pick because they have an open ear design.

Moreover, you’ve got a 60-day return policy and a 1-year warranty, which is very useful because if you’ve faced any issue, then you can always return without any hassle.

  • Long battery life
  • Long transmission and connectivity range
  • Affordable model
  • Not suitable for calls


To conclude our today’s discussion, we recommend you either buying AfterShokz Aeropex or AfterShokz OpenMove because these are not only premium bone-conduction headphones, but will also give you the best in most scenarios.

However, these are a bit costly options and if you are looking for more of a budget choice, then Tayogo S2 and MilanSo bone-conduction headphones are not a bad choice. These two bone-conduction headphones have everything, a bone-conduction headphone could ever have in this price range.

Moreover, as a beginner don’t forget to read bone conduction headphones side effects and benefits, as you should be aware of what you are getting yourself into.

Are Bone-Conduction Headphones Safe?

Excess of everything is bad and headphones are no exception. If you overuse your traditional headphones, you are in danger of cochlear damage, but that doesn’t mean that you are any safer with bone-conduction headphones. The reason behind this is these (bone-conduction) headphones use transducers to transduce the sound to the cochlea and it is similar to the air-conducted sound in traditional headphones. So, no real safety here. However, these headphones have various other advantages that you can check in Bone Conduction Headphones Pros and Cons.

How Do Bone-Conduction Headphones Work?

Bone-conduction headphones work by stimulating the skull and creating a vibration that moves hair cells directly inside of the cochlea. That way it bypasses all the outer and middle ear components to stimulate hearing through bone-conduction headphones. This will result in you being able to listen to the music or the people over the phone.

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