How To Clean Headphone Muffs? Easy Ways to Do It

Headphone users usually use them for a while or so and then leave them at the place where they were sitting. It can be their bedroom, office room, studio, or living room. And when they do it, their headphones start getting dirt if not put in a proper place.

Therefore, their audio quality and aesthetic look can become unattractive and irritating. You don’t want to waste all the money that you spent on buying the expensive headphones just because they don’t look cool don’t sound good now. So, how to clean headphone muffs?

Cleaning your headphones is not a very difficult thing and everybody can clean them by following this detailed guide. Just follow the steps detailed below and you’ll get it done instantly.

How To Clean Headphone Muffs

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How to Clean Headphone Muffs?

Cleaning sometimes does not complete until you wash the headphone pads completely with specific chemicals. But here comes the question, can you wash the headphone pads? One word answer to this question is YES, you can wash the headphone pads. But you can only wash them if they are replaceable or removable.

Otherwise, they cannot be washed as the word itself means. But yes, you can still use different products to clean them up.

Cleaning the headphones

There are so many ways that you can use to clean your headphone muffs and make look new. All the ways that are recommended by experts will work perfectly if performed all the instructions carefully.

In this article, we will instruct the best and the easiest way to clean your headphones.

What you need to have

To do that perfectly, you will need to have certain things that will help in completing the process very smooth, they are

  • Small clean or microfiber cloth
  • Q-tips or cotton buds
  • Rubbing Alcohol or Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Soapy water
  • Leather Conditioner (like Leather Honey, or Audeze)

How the Process Goes

Now that you have gathered all these things into the order, you can start cleaning the headphone muffs and get it done instantly.

Step-1: Before actually starting the process, make sure that your headphones are disconnected completely from the Bluetooth (If wireless) and turned off. After being sure of that, remove the headphone muffs or pads from your headphones.

Step-2: Clean the headphone muffs with a clean piece of cloth. Try to get the microfiber piece of cloth, but you can use any clean cloth if that is not available. This is the first round of cleaning. So, you can use Q-tips or cotton buds to remove any dirt from the inside of the muffs that is not hard to remove yet.

Step-3: Now dip your cleaning cloth into the bowl which contains soapy water in it. Make sure your cloth does not have too much water. It will start dripping down if this is the case. Once, you get it enough on the cloth, rub it throughout the headphone muffs both from the inside and outside. Make sure there is no dirt or rejectamenta left on the muffs.

Step-4: Let the headphone muffs dry for some time. It shouldn’t take long to get them completely dry.

Step-5: Once your headphone muffs get dried off completely. Soak your cleaning cloth in isopropyl alcohol from the side that is not dirty yet or use a new one. And rub it on the muffs on the inside and outside. Rub it gently but properly until the leftover bacteria from your sweat and the smell (if there are any) get removed.

Step-6: Now that everything is done, polish your headphone muffs with a leather conditioner and that will end the cleaning process.

Voila! Now your headphones look like brand new headphones that just came out of the box, don’t they?

Why should you clean your headphones?

Keeping the things clean that you use on regular basis is a good habit that ensures your hygiene and increases your headphone life. Sometimes, your AC isn’t working properly and most people don’t have air conditioning everywhere they go wearing their headphones. That causes them to sweat, mostly in gyms while doing exercises.

Moreover, your headphones can catch dirt if you wear them in a public open place or put them anywhere randomly. Both conditions can cause your headphone life to decrease because they will start malfunctioning. Their sound quality may decrease because of dirt blocking the sound waves. And sweat damages your internal circuits by making the inside of the headphones moist. All these reasons eventually stop you from listening to quality sounds.

Therefore, when you keep cleaning your headphones regularly, they will produce the exact sound as new. Also, their life will increase without any problem. Additionally, If cleaned with a proper odor remover chemical like we mentioned above which is isopropyl alcohol, they will even smell new.

One major benefit of cleaning your headphone muffs or headphone pads is that your headphones will last longer. Hence, you won’t need to replace them, especially if they’re some high-end headphones like the Bose, Beats, and the SteelSeries.

Why only use a leather conditioner to clean the muffs?

When you wear headphones over your heads, you want them to be comfortable and relaxing enough. At least to be worn for like a few hours straight. But when they’re brand new and you wear them for too long regularly, they get moldy and dirty.

Also, the leather covering the muffs gets some cracks on it. In that case, one should use a leather conditioner because that keeps your headphone muffs clean, and shiny as new. Also, it fills up all the cracks it may have after being worn for too long so many days without getting cleaned.

Overall, the leather conditioner increases the life of your headphone muffs if kept clean regularly and well organized.

Why should one replace the headphone pads?

Most of the headphone pads are made with Rexine but manufacturers claim that they are made with pure leather. Hence, they get worn out easily after some time, especially, if not taken good care of them. When it happens, they look unattractive and destroy the aesthetics of the headphones completely.

Not only just they don’t look good, but also degrade the headphones’ sound quality. Because of the distortion in the sound waves caused by the cracks and wrinkles in the muffs.

When should you replace the muffs?

There is a limit to the headphone muffs when they get worn out because you not taking care of them by cleaning them regularly. But how would you know when is the time to do it? There are some indications that we can clearly notice on our headphone muffs when they are needing a replacement.

Please notice that these indications are not for changing the headphones, only the headphone muffs or headphone pads.

The first indication is the cracking of the leather on the pads and then there’s rotting of the pad looking very rough. And when this happens, one should only replace the headphone pads rather than change the entire headphones. This is the most cost-effective way to retain the sound quality and the aesthetic look of your headphones.

What are the major factors in causing headphone pads to rot?

Headphones are usually made with sturdy material; hence, they can withstand a lot of abuse. When you keep cleaning headphone muffs regularly, they last for 1.5 to 2 years on average. But if you don’t take care of them, they will catch dirt, absorb sweat, and start rotting and smelling so badly that you’ll have to change them.

Even if you don’t want to change them, you’ll have to do it for your health, headphones’ increased lifetime and performance. But muffs get affected by humidity, temperature, and other environmental issues very easily. So, even if you keep them clean always, these are the factors that act upon them and make them rot quickly.

Also, if you change them with the new ones, there will be an instant improvement in the sound quality and grip of the muffs. By grip, we literally mean grip. Because worn-out headphone muffs lose grip on your ears resulting in lower sound quality. It is better to replace them every other year for your hygiene and need for an upgrade.

Final Thoughts

We’ve tried our best to answer the question of how to clean headphone muffs? In a detailed way. Usually, headphone muffs get worn out easily because of the environment and most importantly dirt. It is a good idea to clean them every now and then before they get out of your hands.

Also, make sure to clean your ears before wearing headphones. Because earwax can also cause distortion resulting in poor sound quality. Keep them safe from dirt or any harmful material so that they last even longer than the estimated average lifetime for the muffs. If you liked this article, please share it with others and write it down to us in the comment section below. We’ll be glad to hear your suggestions and cater to all your complaints (if any).

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