Best Chinese Bone Conduction Headphones

Bone-conduction technology has been around for quite a while now and recently, headphones using this technology have gained popularity. Just like us, various tech-savvies are reviewing these top 8 best Chinese bone-conduction headphones on YouTube or the web and if you’re one of those tech nerds, then you will already know various bone-conduction headphones manufacturers.

However, if you’re new to this technology, then we will take you to today’s discussion by sharing the complete background.

So, let’s start by defining bone-conduction headphones.

Best Chinese Bone Conduction Headphones

List for Best Chinese Bone Conduction Headphones


AfterShokz Aeropex
  • Weight: 26 grams
  • Bluetooth Technology: Bluetooth 5.0
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Bonein BN-702
  • Weight: 45 Grams
  • Bluetooth Technology: Bluetooth 4.0
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AfterShokz Air
  • Weight: 36 Grams
  • Sensor: Bluetooth 4.1
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  • Weight: 40 Grams
  • Sensor: Bluetooth 5.0
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AfterShokz Titanium
  • Weight: 29.7 Grams
  • Sensor: Bluetooth 5.0
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Barcley A9
  • Weight: 37 Grams
  • Sensor: Bluetooth 5.1
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Tayogo S2
  • Weight: 37.7 Grams
  • Sensor: Bluetooth 5.0
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AfterShokz Xtrainerz
  • Weight: 41 Garams
  • Sensor: Bluetooth 5.1
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Best Chinese Bone Conduction Headphones Reviews 2023

1. AfterShokz Aeropex

AfterShokz Aeropex Reviews 8 Best Chinese Bone Conduction Headphones

We are starting our list of the best Chinese bone-conduction headphones with AfterShokz Aeropex. No matter for which purpose you want bone-conduction headphones, AfterShokz Aeropex is the best all-rounder among all bone-conduction headphones.

In-Depth Look at These Headphones

Starting from scratch, AfterShokz Aeropex comes in similar packaging as the previous generation AfterShokz model named Trekz Air. Inside the box, there’s a carrying pouch which of course contains the user guide, two USB-A magnetic charges to charge these headphones, earplugs, and the headphones themselves.

These headphones have a rugged and flexible build and whether you are going to school or gym, you can just toss these headphones inside your bag without worrying about these headphones getting broken.

To be more precise, the headphones have a premium titanium build and it sits at a 30-degree tilt, so it is against your face to reduce vibration as compared to the previous generation Trekz Air, which is a significant improvement. Another worth mentioning thing is the fact that these headphones are 30% smaller and 15% lighter.

Whether you want bone-conduction headphones for the gym, cycling, or any other outdoor activity, these headphones will not disappoint you because you can listen to music and hear your surroundings at the same time.

Previously, if you used to wipe off the sweat from your earbuds after every workout session, then you won’t have to face such an issue with these headphones as they have an IP67 sweatproof and waterproof rating.

However, AfterShokz doesn’t recommend using these headphones for swimming. Having nothing sticking in your ears will give you comfort against wearing earbuds, which will be a plus point for every headphones user.

In terms of connectivity, AfterShokz has upgraded Bluetooth from the previous generation model to Bluetooth 5.0 which means you’ll have a stronger and more reliable connection with your laptop, iOS, or Android smartphones. Unlike most bone-conduction headphones, there’s no additional application required for connectivity with your devices.

One of the things we’ve liked about these headphones is that if the Bluetooth signal has been disconnected or out of range, there will be a beep on the headphones while you’re wearing them. So that’s a wonderful feature as well.

There’s a multifunctional button that you can press once to pause or resume, twice (double-click) to go to the next track, and triple-click to repeat or go to the previous track which is another new feature because the previous generation headphones did not have an option to repeat a track or to go to the previous track.

You can also call out your phone’s assistant, such as Siri or Google Assistant, by pressing the button. It even works with Amazon Echo, so that’s pretty great.

The availability of dual noise-canceling microphones can be helpful while making or answering calls and, in our testing, we can hear the other person clearly without any issue, so thumbs up here as well.

Compared to the previous generation technology, the sound quality has improved drastically as the volume and even the bass are way better than the Trekz Air because of the latest Premium Pitch 2.0.

Since these are bone-conduction headphones usually you can’t have a lot of bass with bone-conduction headphones, but AfterShokz Aeropex has pretty decent bass as compared to the traditional headphones. We haven’t faced any syncing issues while streaming Netflix or YouTube, so that is surely a plus factor.

As for battery life, AfterShokz claims that you can get about 8 hours of battery life, but to be honest we got a bit more battery timing than 8 hours (even at full volume). To get the complete battery life, you need to charge these headphones for 2 hours.

Overall, if you ask us what is the best bone conduction headphones for 2024 (so far), then we can recommend you AfterShokz Aeropex without any doubt.

Bluetooth Technology:Bluetooth 5.0
Behavior with Water:IP67 Sweatproof and Waterproof Rating
Battery Life:8 Hours of Continuous Playback with 2 Hours of Charge
Weight:26 grams
Wireless Transmission Range:10 Meters (33 Feet)
Forte:Best All-Rounder Bone-Conduction Headphones
  • Lightweight
  • Long battery life
  • Sweatproof and Waterproof
  • Improved bass as compared to the previous generation technology
  • Bit expensive and not everyone can afford these
  • Can’t use these for swimming

2). Bonein BN-702

Bonein BN-720 8 Best Chinese Bone Conduction Headphones

Moving onto the second pick of today’s list for the best Chinese bone conduction headphones, we have Bonein BN-720. Bone-in might be an unknown brand for some users, but if you’ve known bone-conduction headphone technology for quite some time, then this entry won’t be a surprise for you.

Bonein BN-720 doesn’t offer an audiophile-quality sound, but that’s not a huge issue as these are bone-conduction headphones and users have to compromise a little bit on sound quality even with the premium models. So, let’s see the latest insights of these headphones.

In-Depth Look at these Headphones:

The model BN-720 from Bonein is intended for sportspeople, but whether you are a sprinter or a video streamer, you can use these headphones. These headphones are flexible enough that you can collapse the earpieces of these headphones by putting them inside in the zipper case.

Meaning that you are getting 90-degree rotations and 180-degree plane rotations with these headphones.

As we are talking about flexibility, these headphones weigh 45 grams, so they are not as lightweight as AfterShokz Aeropex, but lightweight enough that most users can bear with these headphones (since most of them are going to be sports, nerds).

The IP55 rating makes these headphones resistant to water, but not only that. This rating also protects these headphones from any kind of dust particles, so you can use these headphones while biking, cycling, or jogging, but sweat and dust won’t bother these headphones.

These headphones have one of the longest battery life amongst every bone-conduction headphone we’ve tested so far because a 220 mAh battery will give you complete battery timing of 11-12 hours and 180 days of reserve time. Moreover, you need to charge these headphones for 3 hours to get the complete battery life.

Bonein has also embedded a Bluetooth 4.0 module in these headphones, which will provide a wireless transmission range of around 10 meters. We’ve tested the connectivity of these headphones with laptops, Android, and iOS devices and we have faced no connectivity issues.

There’s another variant of these headphones that has almost the same specs as this one, but that model is intended for TV viewing as that version has a different 2.4GHz Bluetooth transmitter which associates with the sound of the TV for helping people (with hearing aids) listening to TV’s voice.

Moreover, you will get a 1-year official guarantee and lifetime specialized help from Bonein with these headphones and this will be helpful because we’ve read people’s complaints about facing issues with headphones breaking. However, in our testing, we haven’t faced that issue but you never know, so fingers crossed 🤞🏻.

Bluetooth Technology:Bluetooth 4.0
Behavior with Water:IP55 Dust and Water-Resistant
Battery Life:11-12 Hours with 180 Days of Standby Time
Weight:45 grams
Wireless Transmission Range:10 Meters (33 Feet)
Forte:Longest Battery Life with Hi-Fi Sound
  • Exceptionally long battery life
  • Amazingly comfy fit
  • Compared to other bone-conduction headphones of this range, these have high-quality sound
  • Foldable to a conveying case
  • Reflective wellbeing band
  • Heavier than most bone-conduction headphones

3). AfterShokz Air

AfterShokz Air 8 Best Chinese Bone Conduction Headphones

At the third place on our list of the best Chinese bone conduction headphones, we have another entry from AfterShokz named AfterShokz Air (also known as AfterShokz Trekz Air). These bone-conduction headphones are the predecessors of the AfterShokz Aeropex model, but let’s see why these headphones are worth putting here.

In-Depth Look on These Headphones:

If you want bone-conduction headphones that are specifically designed for athletes, then AfterShokz Air (AfterShokz Trekz Air) is a dedicated wireless bone-conduction headphone. But that doesn’t mean that other people can’t use these headphones as these also work well for people with conductive hearing loss because the headphones can bypass the damaged part of the ear.

Starting with the box, you will find headphones themselves, instructional guides, a micro-USB charging cable, a pair of earplugs (for blocking out the external sounds around you), and the carrying case.

Speaking of the build quality, these headphones are not only flexible, but lightweight as well as they, weigh only 36 grams (not as lightweight as AfterShokz Aeropex, but lightweight enough to not cause any fatigue even if people wear these for long hours).

Just like most bone-conduction headphones, these headphones feature an IP55 sweatproof and water-resistance rating, meaning they are not waterproof. But these headphones are great for workouts because they are lightweight as well, so you can pair these headphones with your smartphone while you’re exercising.

The Trekz Air features a Bluetooth 4.2 module because this is a predecessor of Aeropex and AfterShokz has used a 5.0 module there, so no surprises here. But even with the Bluetooth 4.2 module, we’ve got the same wireless range of 33 feet (approximately 10 meters).

These headphones use Premium Pitch technology to produce high-quality stereo sound, so you can still hear what other people saying while listening to your favorite podcasts or audiobooks. Even with the lower volume (because of bone conduction), the headphones are still audible enough to enjoy everything.

There is also a sound equalizer through which you can customize the sound quality of these headphones. Last but not least, in our testing the bass was surprisingly good enough for us (as compared to other bone-conduction headphones we’ve tested over time).

When you connect your smartphone (either iOS or Android) with these headphones, you can make calls as well because just like Aeropex, these headphones also feature noise-canceling microphones for phone calls. Moreover, the dual microphone allows you to hear the other person’s voice in both ears. Even if you have an Apple watch, you can also pair these headphones with that watch as well. This way, you can track the progress of your workout, so it’s a perfect companion for gym sessions.

You can charge the lithium-ion battery of these headphones (using the micro-USB cable) for 2 hours and these headphones will give you a continuous playback time of 6 hours along with 20 days of standby time.

These headphones support multi-point pairing as well, which means you can connect two devices at once and easily switch between them. For example, if you’re listening to music on a tablet and you get a phone call (on your smartphone), the connectivity of these headphones can switch from the tablet over to the phone. So, you can answer the incoming phone call.

Just like most bone-conduction headphones, these are another open-ear model that lets you stay connected to your music and the environment around you at the same time. If you are an athlete and looking for headphones with good situational awareness, then this model can enter your list.

Bluetooth Technology:Bluetooth 4.2
Behavior with Water:IP55 Sweatproof and Water-Resistant
Battery Life:6 Hours with 20 Days of Standby Time
Weight:30 grams
Wireless Transmission Range:10 Meters (33 Feet)
Forte:Designed Specifically for Athletes
  • Another lightweight entry to our list
  • Reasonable battery life (but not as good as AfterShokz Aeropex)
  • Multipoint pairing
  • Cheaper than Aeropex, but still expensive enough for most people
  • Unlike Aeropex, these headphones can cause more discomfort for the users at higher volume
  • Wearing earplugs might affect the sound quality and bass

4). Vidonn F1 Titanium

Vidonn F1 Titanium bone conduction headphone

Just because we’ve put two AfterShokz entries in this list so far, it doesn’t mean that other brands are not available in this Chinese category. Vidonn is another Chinese brand that has been producing bone-conduction headphones since 2013. This brand has produced various Vidonn bone conduction headphones and at number four of the best Chinese bone conduction headphones, we have Vidonn F1 Titanium.

In-Depth Look on These Headphones:

As compared to AfterShokz Trekz Titanium, these headphones are on par in terms of durability and comfortability for all kinds of activities, which is great considering their price tag.

Speaking of price tag, Vidonn has to make a few compromises to stay on par with the build quality of AfterShokz Trekz Titanium and one of those compromises is its sound quality. As compared to the AfterShokz models, the sound quality lags. However, you can improve the sound quality by switching to a higher level of bass.

One of the great things Vidonn did with these bone-conduction headphones is the availability of CVC noise canceling as you mostly get this feature in premium headphones. But Vidonn has made it possible to add it here as well, so you can answer calls with these headphones and hear the other person clearly (even in a crowded environment).

You will also have an IP55 sweatproof rating which makes these headphones suitable for intense running sessions, gym sessions, and other outdoor activities. Not only that, but this rating will also protect these headphones from small water drops as they are water-resistant as well.

In this price range, Vidonn has managed to put Bluetooth 5.0 module, which is exceptional as it provides faster and more reliable connectivity to iOS, Android, or laptops. Moreover, this module will provide you with a wireless transmission range of 33 feet.

Last but not the least, the built-in lithium-ion 180 mAh battery will take 2 hours to charge fully and it will provide you a complete battery timing of 6 hours.

Bluetooth Technology:Bluetooth 5.0
Behavior with Water:IP55 Sweatproof and Water-Resistant
Battery Life:6 Hours with 2 Hours of Charge
Weight:36 grams
Wireless Transmission Range:10 Meters (33 Feet)
Forte:Affordable Pick
  • Affordable pick
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Absence of carrying case
  • As compared to AfterShokz products, sound quality lacks

5). AfterShokz Titanium

AfterShokz Titanium headphone

If you belong to some area (like California), where it is still illegal to listen to music privately with plugging-in earplugs, then these headphones will solve that problem. Their name is AfterShokz Trekz Titanium and they came in the fifth spot on our list for the best Chinese bone conduction headphones. Let’s see why these headphones are worth putting here.

In-Depth Look on These Headphones:

As compared to other AfterShokz models on today’s list, these headphones are heavier, but still, they are more lightweight than most bone-conduction headphones as these headphones weigh only 36 grams. So, these headphones won’t cause much burden on the heads of the users.

These are rechargeable headphones and for recharging them, AfterShokz has provided a micro-USB cable you can plug in these headphones for 1.5 hours to charge them completely as they can last about six hours (with a complete charge).

There are three buttons in these headphones, one microphone, one LED indicator, and a USB port. The first button will be the multifunctional button which is located on the left side of the headset. Being a multifunctional button, you can perform various operations such as playing or pausing the music, answering the phone calls as well as accessing call waiting through various sequences of pressing it (multifunctional button).

The other two buttons are volume up and volume down buttons. The volume up button allows you to pair your device as well as adjust volume and then the combination of both (volume up and down) buttons will mute the microphone. For finding out the battery level and accessing things equalizers, you have to press and hold the two-volume up and down button.

As these headphones are intended for active users, that’s why these headphones are wrapped in a silicone cover, so they are water-resistant and sweatproof. Moreover, the IP55 rating proves these statements. So, you can use these in the rain or even if you are sweating a lot, as this won’t cause any problems with these headphones.

Just like AfterShokz Trekz Air, these headphones also support multipoint pairing, so this allows you to pair up with two different devices for you to use that are Bluetooth enabled. Speaking of Bluetooth, AfterShokz has used a Bluetooth 4.1 module in these headphones, but still, these headphones provide a range of 33 feet (10 meters) which is great.

Bluetooth Technology:Bluetooth 4.1
Behavior with Water:IP55 Sweatproof and Water-Resistant
Battery Life:6 Hours with 20 Days of Standby Time
Weight:36 grams
Wireless Transmission Range:10 Meters (33 Feet)
Forte:Cheaper than Aeropex and Trekz Air
  • Reasonable price tag as compared to Aeropex and Trekz Air
  • Multipoint pairing
  • If you want the same features as Trekz Air and Aeropex, then these are good for you because of their price tag
  • Wearing these headphones with helmets and glasses can be bulky for most users
  • Volume is too low and when you turn up the volume, sound leakage is unnoticeable
  • Wearing earplugs might affect the sound quality and bass

6). Barcley A9

Barcley A9 bone conduction headphone

The number sixth entry might be unknown for some users as it was for us when we got these headphones in our hand and to be honest, we were a little hesitant to try these headphones on, but it was worth giving a shot.

Since these headphones are from another Chinese brand named Barcley, so that’s why we’ve put these headphones on our list for the best Chinese bone conduction headphones. But let’s see its insights.

Insights of these Headphones:

Without wasting any time, let’s get to the build of these headphones as these headphones have one of the most flexible bodies we’ve ever seen in bone-conduction headphones because you can bend these headphones to 360 degrees, but that won’t affect these headphones.

Just like other bone-conduction headphones on our list, these headphones also feature a Bluetooth 5.0 module which provides faster transmission and more reliable connectivity with devices like laptops, Androids, or iOS.

To assist the users more, these headphones have a noise-canceling microphone and even if you are listening to music, you can easily switch to answer the call and back to music with the help of its one-button control.

The 5.0 module guarantees long-distance signal transmission and if you combine that distance with the better timing of these headphones, then you will get a complete package, which is what Barcley A9 is. With a full charge of 2 hours, you can enjoy 6 hours of listening time with these headphones.

Whether you want to use these headphones for running or cycling, sweat won’t bother these headphones as these headphones have a waterproof and sweatproof rating of IPX56. Even against harmful dust particles, these headphones can withstand easily. Not only that, but you can also use these headphones for indoor activities as well such as using them in the office.

One of the great things we’ve liked about these headphones is their compatibility with Google Assistant and Siri, we’ve thoroughly tested these headphones for both voice assistants and in fact, we’re impressed by the outcome.

Last but not least, being bone-conduction headphones, these headphones will not harm the eardrums of users and you can wear these headphones for the entire day because the build is comfortable enough to not cause any fatigue. Even if you wear glasses while cycling or biking, these headphones won’t cause any issues with glasses.

Bluetooth Technology:Bluetooth 5.0
Behavior with Water:IPX56 Sweatproof and Waterproof
Battery Life:6 Hours with 15 Days of Standby Time
Wireless Transmission Range:10 Meters (33 Feet)
Forte:Newer but Worth Giving a Shot
  • Compatibility with mobile assistants
  • Great for cycling, biking, and even for indoor activities
  • Bendable to 360-degrees
  • Great battery life
  • Unknown brand

7). Tayogo S2

tayogo s2 bone conductionheahphone

The seventh entry on our today’s list for the best Chinese Bone Conduction Headphones is Tayogo S2, which is another and probably the best budget pick on this list. Let’s see why it’s the best budget pick.

Insights of these Headphones:

With a range of 30 feet, the Tayogo S2 features a 5.0 Bluetooth module, which guarantees fast and reliable connectivity with various devices such as iOS, Android, or laptops. Moreover, this Bluetooth module provides a range of more than 10 meters (30 feet), so you can enjoy wireless transmission for a long distance.

For beginners and people with a limited budget, these bone-conduction headphones can be a good choice. You can pair these headphones with wearables and with a single charge, you can listen to music for 6 hours such as the powerful battery of Tayogo S2.

Even if you have a large head, the headphones will fit 99% of the users. The headphones won’t slip down from your head due to the soft rubber pads, which are not only comfortable but will also not get in the way of vibration transmission. These comfortable rubber pads will make your audiobooks, podcasts, audio tracks, and movies more fun.

If you use these headphones with full volume, the person sitting next to you can hear everything and that is why these headphones are preferable in noisy places. However, if you want to use these headphones in a quiet place, then you need to listen to the music at normal or less volume.

Bluetooth Technology:Bluetooth 5.0
Battery Life:Up to 6 Hours of Playback Time
Weight:29.7 g
Compatibility:With both Android and iOS
Wireless Transmission Range:Up to 30 Feet. (10 Meters)
Forte:Dynamic Range and Bass
  • Reliable Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity
  • Perfect fit for exercise and sports
  • Long-range
  • Affordable model
  • Great battery life
  • The peak sound of these headphones is not loud enough for a noisy environment

8). AfterShokz Xtrainerz

AftereShokz Xtrainerz headphone

If you want to listen to music while swimming, then we’ve got the right headphone model for you named Xtrainerz from AfterShokz. We’ve put these headphones on the eighth position of our list for the best Chinese bone conduction headphones and let’s see why these headphones are worth putting here.

In-Depth Look at these Headphones:

To be honest, these headphones are not Bluetooth headphones, instead, they are more like an MP3 player which is designed to achieve only one purpose and that is listening to music underwater. There’s nothing special about these headphones. In fact, these are the only AfterShokz headphones that AfterShokz recommends wearing while swimming.

These headphones have an IP68 waterproof rating, which means they can play music up to 2 meters underwater. Since these headphones are designed to be used inside water.

There are no wireless technologies in these headphones, which means you won’t find Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. As there’s no Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, you can’t connect your smartphones or laptops and listen to Spotify or any other music streaming service (you’ve subscribed) with these headphones.

These old-school headphones make use of a USB cradle for connecting with your computer and you can store your songs in 4GBs of onboard storage. The whole operation is a bit slow, but it worked fine for us.

For charging these headphones, you can use the same USB cradle and you need to charge these headphones for 2 hours to get a complete battery life of 7-8 hours.

The AfterShokz Xtrainerz supports playing all popular audio formats such as MP3, FLAC, AAC, WAV, and WMA. Moreover, you won’t face any compatibility issues as these headphones can convert FLAC files to either MP3 or AAC format to avoid high-bit rates flex. You can also organize your audio files by saving them in different folders, or you can just save all of them in one complete list.

You can navigate through the files or control the playback with the help of four controls. First, there’s a button that you can use for playing or pausing tracks and you can also use that button to power on or off these headphones.

Then, you will find volume up and down buttons and you can use those buttons to jump between the tracks as well. There’s also a Mode button that allows you to use different modes such as shuffle, repeat, and normal. You can use the Mode button as an EQ switch as well because there are two EQ modes with the name General and Swimming.

These headphones are designed for swimming, but you can use them for other purposes as well, such as running, gym sessions, and other daily activities.

The build quality of these headphones is comfortable enough, but the sound quality is not as good as other models on our list, and that’s one of the reasons for putting these headphones in this spot.

Even when we took these headphones for a test walk in a noisy area, we couldn’t hear what was playing inside the headphones. The same is the case with cycling, swimming, and other activities.

You can use earplugs to resolve this issue and using earplugs will improve the sound quality. But if we meant to use earplugs, it would be better to use traditional headphones over this model.

Bluetooth Technology:Wireless
Behavior with Water:Waterproof
Battery Life:7-8 Hours of Battery Life with 2 Hours of Charge
Weight:377 grams
Wireless Transmission Range:10 Meter
Forte:4GBs of Built-in Storage
  • Only AfterShokz model that is waterproof in the real sense
  • Long battery life
  • Comfortable
  • Bulky build
  • Volume is too
  • No Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and built-in storage might not be enough

Bone-Conduction Headphones

There are two ways through which sound reaches the auditory system of human beings:

  1. One of the ways is through the vibrations produced by the air drum.
  2. The other way is through the bones using vibrations.

To be more precise, the voice coming out of your mouth creates the words you speak, which is air vibration, and by your bones and skin, that’s bone vibration.

Only bone-conduction microphones make use of bone vibrations to catch the words directly from your nose. The vibration system transmits the sound directly through a helmet which works as a 3D resonance box.

In this way, bone conduction communication eliminates all ambient noises and allows you to enjoy clearer communication in even the noisiest environments. For communicating, bone-conduction technology does not use the actual sound, instead, it uses the vibrations produced by the sound.

Pros and Cons of Bone Conduction Headphones

Often when people hear about bone-conduction headphones and how they work, they are hesitant to try them out because they don’t know whether these are safe or not. That’s why they often search, Are bone conduction headphones safe? So, to answer this question we will discuss the pros and cons of bone-conduction headphones here.

Hearing experts recommend bone-conduction headphones to people suffering from ear wax or hearing aids because that’s the only way through which they can hear the sound. But as we all know to every advantage, there’s a disadvantage as well. So, it’s always better to know about the benefits and disadvantages of something before getting your hands dirty with it.

  • Bone-conduction headphones are medically approved for being less dangerous for the hearing system as compared to traditional headphones or earbuds
  • Bone-conduction headphones leave the users’ ears exposed as these headphones wrap around their ears rather than going inside their ears, so these headphones won’t affect issues like ear wax
  • As these headphones leave the users’ ears open, this allows the users to be aware of their surrounding while enjoying the music, audiobooks, or podcasts
  • If you’ve been using traditional headphones for quite some time, then you will find these headphones a bit expensive
  • As these headphones sit on the temples, so listening with full volume through these headphones may cause tingling against your temples, which can annoy some users
  • Bone-conduction headphones can’t match the sound-quality level of premium traditional headphones

If you want more detail, then you can check bone conduction headphone’s pros and cons for getting a complete list of benefits and disadvantages of bone-conduction headphones.

That’s enough background of bone-conduction headphones. Now move on to our today’s topic.

Today’s Agenda

By now, you’ll have a clear picture of bone-conduction headphones and how they can be good in some scenarios and bad in some areas. So, now we will discuss some best bone-conduction headphones from Chinese brands.

If you search the internet for bone-conduction headphones, you will come across various brands. Some of them are worth using and some of them are not. But a naïve user has zero knowledge about which headphones can be good for him or not.

That’s why, today we have compiled a list of the best Chinese bone conduction headphones because whether you are from China or some other part of the world, you will know some big Chinese brands produce bone-conduction headphones like AfterShokz.

AfterShokz is a Chinese company that is the pioneer to commercially introduce bone conduction technology in headphones. No matter which bone-conduction headphones list you explore, you’ll always find some AfterShokz entries in that list and our list is no different.

However, you will also find some other brands as well, but we have only discussed the top bone-conduction headphones of top Chinese brands in this list and we’ve checked their quality from every perspective. So, without any further delay, let’s begin the list!

Signing Off

We’ve discussed the top bone-conduction headphones from worth-mentioning Chinese brands such as AfterShokz, Tayogo, Vidonn, and others. Some of the brands might be new for you (as it was for us), but we’ve tested each product as we always want to provide you with the best.


Our Recommendations

To conclude our today’s discussion, we’ve found from our testing that AfterShokz Aeropex is one of the best bone conduction headphones ever because these have the longest battery life and users can use the Aeropex model for various purposes as there’s no dedicated field for which AfterShokz has developed them.

If you want bone-conduction headphones under $100, then Bonein BN-720 is worth spending money on. This model has one of the longest battery life amongst all the bone-conduction headphones we’ve tested so far, so you can use these for a complete day.

However, if you’re a beginner, then Tayogo S2, Vidonn F1, or MilanSo bone-conduction headphones are recommended to you because you don’t need to spend huge bucks on something if you’re trying a new technology for the first time. Moreover, these bone-conduction headphones have everything a user could ever ask for in this price range.

If you don’t like our recommendations, then you can always choose which bone-conduction headphones will be suitable for you amongst the mentioned entries, as these are the best Chinese bone conduction headphones ever.

Do Bone-Conduction Headphones Sound Good?

As compared to the premium traditional headphones, bone-conduction headphones might lack sound quality, but considering that these are not going inside your ears, sitting over the ears, or covering the ears, the sound quality is fairly reasonable. Especially, bone-conduction headphones like AfterShokz Aeropex bone conduction headphones are one of the flagship products in this industry.

Can This New Technology Damage Your Hearing?

First of all, bone-conduction technology is not a new technology that’s recently discovered, as it was discovered a long time ago. However, in the recent few years, bone-conduction headphones have gained popularity but to be honest, these are still not mainstream because only people using these headphones are either suffering from hearing aid or if someone is like us, he is just using these headphones because he wants to try out the new technology.
Secondly, they can’t damage your hearing, instead, these headphones are recommended to people suffering from hearing aids or ear wax (by Audiologists).

Which AfterShokz Product is the Best?

If you want one bone-conduction headphone that can serve all your needs, then there is none better than AfterShokz Aeropex. However, if you want just an AfterShokz product for calling, then no AfterShokz product can match the calling quality of AfterShokz OpenComm from AfterShokz.

Is AfterShokz Worth Trying?

AfterShokz is one of the main manufacturers of bone-conduction headphones and no matter for which purpose you’re looking for bone-conduction headphones, you will always find some AfterShokz products in that list such as the quality this brand brings to the bone-conduction headphones lineup.

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