Can Wearing Headphones Cause Jaw Pain? Yes or No

Wearing headphones has become a necessity because they have cool features and benefits for us. First, they provide privacy and distinction to the sound quality. Also, we don’t disturb others in a meeting room or library if we wear the headphone.

But it’s not like that for all of us. Because sometimes people that their ears or head, and even the jaw is paining. It’s because their physic is not made for such headphones.

So, a short and crisp answer to this question “Can wearing headphones cause jaw pain?” is that YES, they can cause different problems in your body. Mostly the headphones that cause problems are noise-canceling.

Some of you would like them but sometimes, people’s ears don’t fit into the headphone muffs. Hence, they hurt or the jaw hurts.

This problem wasn’t discovered until the first headphones launched because people used to listen to music, podcasts, and audio on speakers in the good old days.

Even though, noise cancellation and quality sound production are two of the main ingredients in the success of a headphone model. It’s because they’re necessary for different types of work and playing games.

How can wearing headphones cause jaw pain?

There are different reasons for the headphone causing jaw pain. Sometimes, your headphone is too tight for your ears. And most of the time, the reason comes that you keep using headphones for longer periods continuously.

Otherwise, low-quality headphones grab your skull and produce tension. And that tension can cause serious damage, dizziness, headaches, as well as neck pain even when you don’t wear the headphones.

But don’t worry, our body is made with sensors that tell us something bad is going to happen even before it gets serious.

Let’s take a deep dive into the jaw pain and headphones altogether.

Reasons for your jaw hurting while wearing the headphones

The basic and most important reason for this problem is the cans pushing your head and creating tension in your body. That’s why your skull and jaw hurt very badly.

But this is not the only reason for that, like the noise cancellation enabled headphones that people use are another reason for that. I’m not just naming it for fun, there’s a complete logical science behind that.

For example, when you use noise-canceling headphones, they replicate the background effect and let you listen to music at a lower volume.

But if you keep using them even if they’re considered safe for your ears, they’ll leave some leftover frequency vibrations. And the receptor cells in your ears send signals to the brain of a different story while the eyes are telling the truth but totally different from what receptors told.

Overall, when the brain starts to figure out what’s happening, it finds that there’s an imbalance in the body’s functions. And to alert every part of the body, it sends signals to produce jaw pain, headache, etc.

How to stop my headphones from causing pain?

Now that we know how the pain is caused while listening to the music in headphones, headphones.

But let’s take a look at the steps or habits that we can adopt to counter this pain problem caused by headphones. Because we love to listen to music when we’re working or enjoying our day.

That’s why we cannot leave the headphones as they have the best sound quality and now there’s no era of old speakers playing music. And everyone is getting disturbed because of us.

Here are some of the habits and tips for you that you can take care of while listening to the music in headphones.

Loosen up your headphones’ headband

We know that listening to the music is good quality with background music and noise canceled feels great.

But trust us, it’s not worth destroying your neck and the body parts above. Because, when you wear too tight headphones, they create pain.

So, loosen up your headband of the headphones to relax your head. If that doesn’t work, change your headphones with the ones that are made for bug heads.

Take the breaks regularly

Once you buy new headphones, you’ll most likely be to listening to the music on your new headphones.

But if you listen to it for longer periods continuously without taking even short breaks, it’s still going to hurt. Because you are not used to wearing those headphones and you started to wear them for hours. That’s not a good practice.

Try to get used to the headphones first

The headphones you bought just now, will keep calling you and you’ll want to wear them for a long.

But if you’re not used to them and want to wear them, try to take it slow. Like, wear them only for short periods until your head or ears start hurting. Do this for some time and see if there’s any progress.

And as everybody’s ears are different, so you may feel comfortable for longer periods with some headphones and extremely uncomfortable with other headphones. Hence, when you try to figure out about your headphones and whether they’re comfortable or not, note the time it takes for the pain to get back to you.

Because if it takes longer than the last time, it means you’re getting there. And if it comes after the same time or even earlier, then these headphones are not worth it.

Swap Your Headphones

As experts in the headphones, we recommend that if your headphones are not showing growth, change them. Some people try to keep using the same uncomfortable headphones because they think they’ll get used to them gradually.

But it’s not like that, because till then you may cause permanent damage to your ears, balance, or anything else.

Hence, changing your headphones is the best option if there’s no progress over it.

Are headphones better or earbuds?

Well, keeping yourself safe from getting deaf is quite a difficult task. As you may know that all of us don’t really care about our hearing until our ears or head start hurting.
But know that we can lose the sense of hearing permanently if we continue to do so.
Let us tell you some facts about the human body regarding the hearing.

The human ear can listen to the sounds of up to 70dB easily and it’s safe for it. When humans talk, they converse on an average of about 60 dB easily and not more than that. But headphones can produce a maximum of about 85 dB to 110 dB easily at their full volume.
Some of the apps that we use to listen to the audio show a warning alert on the screen when we exceed that limit of 70 dB. This is because we can lose hearing if we continue to listen to the audios of more than or equal to 85 dB for longer periods.

Most of us just ignore the warning because we want to enjoy the audio to the fullest. But that’s not the right thing to do, also, as a precautionary measure, we should only keep the headphones’ volume at 60% of the total volume. This practice is recommended by most doctors and audio experts.

Earbuds are a new invention in the technology becoming popular each day, but we don’t recommend wearing them at all. This is because they can cause several problems. They produce sounds right into your ear canal making your eardrums vulnerable.

Also, there are chances of them pushing the earwax even deeper causing permanent blockage and needing you to increase volume. Also, they’re not as comfortable as the headphones in our opinion.

So, headphones are a better choice for everybody asking are headphones better or earbuds?


Headphones produce great sound quality with effective noise cancellation. But wearing them for long even if it feels comfortable yet, is not recommended. There are other devices too in the market that are great in performance.

But out of them all, you should wear headphones but with completing the basic rules of wearing headphones. This means that you should buy comfortably fitting headphones with proper noise cancellation. But wear them in intervals and keep the volume maximum at 60% of the total volume.

We hope that you liked our article. If you found it useful or informative, please don’t forget to share it with others. Also, ask in the comment section if you have any questions or just write down to us your suggestions.

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