Best Bone Conduction Headphones for Phone Calls

People often think that earbuds or wireless earphones are the only recent inventions in the lines of headphones, but they seem to forget about the bone conduction headphones and how they can be more beneficial for people having hearing aids or ear-infection.

If you are a business executive, then you will know the importance of phone calls and if using the traditional headphones for business calls isn’t working for you anymore, then you can always switch to bone-conduction headphones.

Best Bone Conduction Headphones for Phone Calls

List for Best Bone Conduction Headphones for Phone Calls


AfterShokz Aeropex
  • Weight: 26 grams
  • Bluetooth Technology: Bluetooth 5.0
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Bonein BN-702
  • Weight: 45 Grams
  • Bluetooth Technology: Bluetooth 4.0
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AfterShokz Air
  • Weight: 36 Grams
  • Sensor: Bluetooth 4.1
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  • Weight: 40 Grams
  • Sensor: Bluetooth 5.0
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AfterShokz Titanium
  • Weight: 29.7 Grams
  • Sensor: Bluetooth 5.0
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Barcley A9
  • Weight: 37 Grams
  • Sensor: Bluetooth 5.1
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Tayogo S2
  • Weight: 37.7 Grams
  • Sensor: Bluetooth 5.0
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AfterShokz Xtrainerz
  • Weight: 41 Garams
  • Sensor: Bluetooth 5.1
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What is Bone-Conduction Technology?

Usually sound reaches the auditory system in two ways, firstly through the vibrations produced by the air drum and secondly via vibrations through the bone. Similarly, your words are formed by your voice, that’s air vibration and by your bones and skin, that’s bone vibration.

Using bone vibrations only, bone-conduction microphones catchwords directly from your nose. The vibration system transmits the sound directly through a helmet which works as a 3D resonance box.

In this way, bone conduction communication eliminates all ambient noises and allows you to enjoy clearer communication in even the noisiest situations. For communicating, bone-conduction technology does not use the actual sound, instead, it uses the vibrations produced by the sound.

Comparing the Traditional Headphones with Bone-Conduction Headphones

Often users complain that they face various comfortability and other issues with traditional headphones, so scientists have given a solution to the world in the shape of bone-conduction headphones.

Bone-conduction headphones are suitable for people having hearing aids or ear infections because these will rest on your cheekbones rather than sitting on the top of your head (like a traditional headphone) or going inside your ear (like earbuds).

That way, you can listen to soundtracks through headphones while staying aware of your surroundings.

Such technology is invented to benefit athletes, but nowadays everyone is using bone-conduction headphones because people are getting a unique listening experience with bone-conduction headphones.

But that’s not the only reason why people prefer it over traditional headphones, comfortability is another reason why people are preferring bone-conduction headphones over traditional headphones.

If you are thinking that bone-conduction headphones are perfect, then that’s where you’re wrong. Bone-conduction headphones have low sound quality as compared to traditional headphones.

Not only that, but the vibrations they produce sometimes become disturb the user, especially if you play the soundtracks in full volume. Last but not the least, these (bone-conduction) headphones are a little bit expensive as well as compared to the traditional headphones.

Which One to Choose for Calls?

As we are on the subject of calls here, so for a business call, you should choose a headphone that has a built-in microphone rather than using the inline or system’s microphone because it will give you superior sound performance.

Specifically talking about a bone-conduction headphone with a microphone, most of them offer noise cancellation which will allow the user to eliminate the surrounding noise no matter how loud it is, so you can focus better on calls. That’s why you should prefer a bone-conduction headphone for your business calls.

Best Bone Conduction Headphones for Phone Calls

Either you are using wireless or wired bone conduction headphones, choosing the best ones out of various options isn’t a piece of cake. Specifically talking about the beginner, you will get confused a lot.

So, we’ve picked out some most common bone-conduction headphones and tested those products. That’s how we have managed to put the following list. So, without any further delay, let’s get to the list!

1. AfterShokz OpenComm (Best Bone Conduction Headphones For Phone Calls)

Bluetooth Technology:Bluetooth 5.0
Battery Life:Up to 16 Hours of Talk Time
Behavior with Water:IP55 Water-Resistant
Weight:1.06 Ounces
Strengths:Premium Model with Quick Charging
Range:Up to 30 ft.
AfterShokz OpenComm bone conduction headphone

AfterShokz OpenComm is a brand-new product from AfterShokz in the bone-conduction headphones lineup, and it comes with a microphone that makes it perfect for taking online classes because COVID is still all over the world.

AfterShokz has specifically designed this bone-conduction headphone for phone calls, and that’s not the only reason why we’ve put this on the number one spot on our list of the best bone conduction headphones for phone calls. So, let’s take a look at what AfterShokz OpenComm provides its users.


From the design perspective, you will find the conventional open-ear headphones design of AfterShokz. The headphone will give you extreme flexibility because there are no rough edges at all and the headband is nice and smooth.

On the left side, you will find the control buttons (volume up or volume down; these will also serve as mute buttons) for the headphone.

The AfterShokz OpenComm has 16 hours of battery life, which is amazing for something being this small. The headphone also supports fast-charging technology, but not with the USB Type-C cable.

Instead, it uses the magnetic cable with a USB Type-A port on the other side that allows you to charge the headphones. However, five minutes will give you two hours of additional use, so this can last multiple days. So, this headphone can easily cover any long lectures.

The headphone also supports Bluetooth 5.0 that will give you a great range of over 30-feet, and we haven’t faced any syncing issues when streaming Netflix. Moreover, they also support multi-pairing which means they can connect to multiple devices as well which will prove very handy.

The headphone also has the support of NFC, so any device with NFC support will be easily connected with headphone by putting the devices in the pairing mode.

The headphone supports IP55-rating which means you will be able to use these while working out. If you are taking a phone call while working out in the gym, you can bring the microphone of the headphone down.

Being a noise-canceling microphone, the headphone will give fantastic noise-canceling while calling someone and that’s what makes it the top contender on our list of the best bone conduction headphones for phone calls.

When it comes to the audio experience, you won’t get the same experience that premium traditional headphones provide because instead of going in your ear, this fits on your temples on the side. However, it delivers enjoyable music, but it’s not going to be high fidelity. For people with low-vision, AfterShokz OpenComm is a fantastic headphone.

When you put AfterShokz OpenComm on, you will be amazed by the comfortability this headphone brings because it’s like you’re wearing nothing. Whether you’re in a car or you’re running, these will be great because you can hear everything that’s going around you.

Even when you are in your home and some of us don’t like wearing typical headphones that cover your ears, so you can always use something small and lightweight like AfterShokz OpenComm.

  • Perfect fit
  • Best bone-conduction headphone for making call
  • Bass and Volume


2. AfterShokz Trekz Air (Best Bone Conduction Headphones with Microphone)

Bluetooth Technology:Bluetooth 4.2
Behavior with Water:IP55 Water-Resistant
Battery Life:6 Hours
Weight:0.079 lb. (35 g)
Speciality:Comfortable + Lightweight
AfterShokz Air bone conduction headphone

The AfterShokz Trekz Air is the best bone-conduction headphone available for swimming and for dealing with phone calls, it comes at the second spot on our list of the best bone conduction headphones for phone calls.


The AfterShokz Air is another wireless bone-conduction headphone that wraps around the back of your neck easily. The design of AfterShokz Air may not be as good as earphones, but the speakers are exceptional, and being bone-conduction, they allow you to hear what’s going on around you.

You can easily set up this headphone with a female voice called Audrey, and it confirms that the Bluetooth pairing process with a phone had worked.

On the left-hand side, you will find the mute button. On the right-hand side, you will find volume buttons that send a tone to the speakers with every press and a higher pitch tone when the maximum volume is reached. On each side of the headphone, there’s a small fingertip-sized housing that contains batteries and controls.

They also play a role in keeping the AfterShokz Air still on the back of the head. Moreover, the controls are simple too. That’s important because being open ear headphones, there’s a risk of sound leakage.

The short battery life of AfterShokz Air is one of the biggest drawbacks of these headphones. But the lightweight design will prove these headphones good in any scenario. The AfterShokz Air is superb in the gym and even if you’re out on a run in the countryside or enjoying swimming, these headphones will make the perfect fit.

  • Comfortable Fit
  • Easy-to-use
  • Good Battery Life
  • Great Sound Quality
  • Low Volume
  • A Bit Expensive

3. AfterShokz Titanium

Bluetooth Technology:Bluetooth 4.0
Behavior with Water:IP55 Water-Resistant
Battery Life:6 Hours Talk Time and 10 Days Standby Time
Weight:1.27 Ounce
Specialty:Supports Fast Charging
Range:Up to 33 feet
AfterShokz Air bone conduction headphone

AfterShokz is one of the best manufacturers for producing bone conduction headphones with a mic, and here comes another entry on the third spot of our list of the best bone conduction headphones for phone calls. Its name is Titanium (AfterShokz Titanium). Let’s see what are the benefits it gives to its users through its features.


AfterShokz has made it easier for the users who are searching for a multipurpose headphone by bringing Titanium to the market because it can serve your gym, jogs, outdoor runs, or swimming needs.

When we’ve tested this headphone through a busy city center, we can hear everything that’s happening in the background. The sound quality was unmatchable in our testing as compared to the regular headphones, and it felt good wearing this AfterShokz Titanium model.

This headphone has two bone-conduction transducers at the side of the ears, instead of going into the ear canal. In some ways, this headphone is similar to ear cup style headphones that send sound into the ear from outside.

The only difference between ear-cup style headphones and AfterShokz Titanium headphones is, they don’t have any foam to keep ambient noise out.

The headphones have super easy controls. The user can pause the music without taking these off because one of the speakers has a Pause button on the side, which is easily accessible.

One of the components on the headband features volume buttons. Next to it, you will find a micro-USB slot, which (obviously) you’ll use for recharging the headphone.

But that doesn’t mean it’s a perfect build. There are some drawbacks such as loose neckband which doesn’t seem to fit with the features of these headphones. The loose neckband causes the headphone to slip slightly when exercising. So, to mark this product as perfect, AfterShokz needs to remove these drawbacks.

  • Sweatproof model
  • Fast recharging
  • The loose neckbands will often slip during outdoor activities

4. Vidonn F1

Bluetooth Technology:Bluetooth 4.1
Behavior with Water:IP55 Water-Resistant
Battery Life:6 Hours Play Time and 7 Days Standby
Weight:0.083 lb. (38 g)
Specialty:Comfortable Under Swim Cap and Internal Music Storage (only)
Range:10 meters (30-33 feet)
Vidonn F1 Tatanium headphone

Vidonn F1 marks the fourth spot on our list of the best bone conduction headphones for phone calls. Out of various vidonn bone conduction headphones, the F1 model gives the bests value for money. Not only that, but various other benefits of Vidonn F1 are also worth mentioning here.


Often you’ve heard the saying “first impression is the last impression” and a lot of people will disagree, but to be honest, there are rare scenarios where first impressions can be deceptive.

So when a company launches a new product, the first method to generate more sales on their new product is by making the packaging attractive.

The quality of the product also holds great importance, but the packaging is also necessary. That’s where Viddon F1 has an upper hand.

When you’ll receive the Vidonn F1, the headphone is packed in a solid and good-looking box. There’s a plastic holder that makes sure that Vidonn F1 is firmly tied up in the packaging.

You are getting this quality packaging at such a low price and to view more budget range bone-conduction headphones, check best bone conduction headphones under $50.

Anyway, the Viddon F1 is a lightweight headphone that is made up of a titanium alloy structure that is highly flexible. The black TPU plastic looks durable and of high quality.

For controlling the headphone, you’ll have three buttons. The one is the Play or Pause button, which you can also use to answer phone calls. And the other two buttons are the Volume up and Volume down buttons.

The Play Pause buttons and the flap covering the micro-USB-port are covered with soft plastic, whereas the volume buttons are covered with hard plastic.

Speaking of the sound quality, the sound is a bit weak, and often base gets a little lost. However, if you wear the earplugs with the headphone, you can overcome this issue and you will experience an astonishing difference in the sound quality.

This comfortable headphone gives an impressive battery life of 6-hours. If you’ll buy Vidonn F1 from an authorized distributor, you will be able to enjoy a 30-day refund policy, which is a satisfaction guarantee provided by Vidonn. Not only that but, the Vidonn F1 also comes with a 12-month warranty.

Overall, the headphones are durable, comfortable, with surprisingly good battery life and if you’re looking to invest in some wireless bone conduction headphones and don’t want to spend too much, then these are highly recommended.

  • Great packaging
  • Durable and lightweight build
  • Battery life is better than average
  • The sound quality isn’t good

5. Tayogo S2

Bluetooth Technology:Bluetooth 5.0
Battery Life:Up to 6 Hours of Playback Time
Weight:0. 0.065lb. (29.7 g)
Compatibility:With both Android and iOS
Specialty:Dynamic Range and Base
Range:Up to 30 ft.
Tayogo S2 headphone

Tayogo S2 is another budget-range headphone that you can find under $50 and you can check the best bone conduction headphones under $50 for finding more cheap bone-conduction headphones.

From the tayogo bone conduction headphones, this may be the only model that is affordable and good for calls too. So, we have added this model to the sixth spot on our list of the best bone conduction headphones for phone calls without any hesitation, and let’s see why.


If someone is buying a product for the first time, we often suggest him not to go for the expensive options because being a beginner he should look for cheap and affordable entries. So, if you are a beginner in buying bone-conduction headphones then don’t forget to read bone-conduction headphones’ pros and cons.

Speaking of beginners, you should buy Tayogo S2 Bone-Conduction headphones. With a 30 feet range, the Tayogo S2 features a 5.0 Bluetooth module, which guarantees fast and reliable connectivity with various devices (either iOS or Android). Moreover, you can also pair these headphones with wearables such as smartwatches.
With a single charge, you can listen to the music for 6-hours, such as the powerful battery of Tayogo S2. The headphone will fit 99% of the users, such as the flexibility of this headphone.

Even during intense gym sessions, fast-swimming sessions, or rough rides, this headphone won’t slip down from your head courtesy of the soft rubber pads. These rubber pads are not only comfortable, but they will also not get in the way of vibration transmission.

But if you use this headphone with full volume, the person sitting next to you can hear everything. This headphone is preferable in noisy places, but not in quieter places.

And if you want to use this in a quiet place, then you need to listen to the music at normal or less volume. Plus, when you use Tayogo S2 with full volume, as vibration gets intense, you can feel the tingling on your cheekbones.

  • Reliable Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity
  • Perfect fit for exercise and sports
  • Long-range
  • Peak headphone sound is not as high, even if you are in a loud place

6. TenFifteen Z8

Bluetooth Technology:Bluetooth 5.0
Battery Life:Up to 6 Hours
Weight:5.64 Ounces
Strengths:Smart Charging and Sweatproof
Range:About 10 Meters
TenFifteen Z8 bone conduction headphone

TenFifteen Z8 is the seventh entry on our list of the best bone conduction headphones for phone calls. Now, this product was marketed as earbuds/earphones but since it has provided quality while making calls, so we have entered this on our list.


TenFifteen Z8 comes with a Bluetooth 5.0 module, which ensures that you won’t have to face any connectivity issue while pairing with other devices. The Bluetooth 5.0 chipset gives you a range of about 10 meters, but not only that, but you are also getting high-definition sound quality with low latency.

Now being a bone-conduction earphone, this headphone transmits the sound through the skull directly into the auditory center of your brain and it allows your ears to be open to the sounds of the surroundings. This makes such types of headphones suitable for bikers runners as they offer great stability.

The headphone will take almost 2 hours to charge completely and it will give you a battery timing of almost 6 hours, so you can easily enjoy your calls or take online classes without any interruption. Speaking of calls, these headphones can also act as hands-free, which means you can attend the calls, listen to music in full HD and stereo.

On the right side, you will find the standard headphones controls such as micro-USB charging port, status indicator light, power-on or off button, and volume control button.

You will also find a microphone input on the right-side of this headphone. On the left side, you will find a multifunctional button that can pause or play the song and attend or reject the call. Even if you want to change the music track, you can press the same multifunctional button twice.

The headphones may not come from a renowned company, but they have used a high-quality bone-conduction engine in this headphone. Moreover, the build quality of the headband and headphone itself is very durable. You can twist or turn the headband, but the headphone will not break.

One of the drawbacks we’ve experienced during our testing is the sound leakage, and if you are enjoying the music in a quiet environment, you will feel the sound leakage. But considering its price tag, sound leakage is forgivable.

Moreover, when you max out the volume the headphones will vibrate very strongly because of the bone-conduction technology which is often uncomfortable for beginners.

In a noisy environment, you can easily attend to the calls and listen to music while staying aware of what is happening around you. If you want to block out the sound from the surroundings, you can always use the earplugs which are provided with this headphone.

  • Ergonomical build for comfortable wearing
  • Suitable in all kinds of physical activities
  • Skin-friendly
  • Little Expensive

Final Thoughts

Finally, we will suggest you buying the AfterShokz OpenComm for communication with your employees, clients, or students because it ticks all the boxes for the criteria of being the best bone-conduction headphones with microphones.

Can Bone-Conduction Headphones Have a Microphone?

Yes! Various bone-conduction headphones have a microphone such as MONODEAL bone-conduction headphones and open-ear headphones.

Can You Talk with AfteShokz Headphones?

AfterShokz is one of the top manufacturers of producing a bone-conduction headphone and if you want to use their headphones for calling purposes, you can try the OpenComm model of AfterShokz which is our top pick of the list as well.

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