Can You Wear Headphones with A Tragus Piercing? Worth reading once

Headphones cover your ears completely and sometimes if they’re too tight for your head, they can press the ears very much. And if that happens, your tragus pierced will start hurting so bad. So, a simple answer to this question can you wear headphones with a tragus piercing? Is No.

You shouldn’t wear headphones right after you get your tragus pierced. But how long should you not wear headphones after tragus piercing? It depends on the time it takes for the tragus to heal. But make sure to never wear headphones on the same day of piercing nor should you do it in the first 2-3 days.

If you can’t live without your headphones, there are other ways to kill time by safely listening to music. But keep in mind, whatever you use to listen to music, never turn your volume too high as it can cause permanent hearing loss. Or may damage the tragus wound and cause it to start hurting.

What is tragus piercing?

Most people confuse tragus piercing with ear piercing, but it’s not what you think. Because tragus piercing is done at the cartilage of the ear where the ear canal opens. In this piercing, the cartilage is the place where they cut a hole to put your jewelry in.

Human cartilage of the ear accumulates the fluid at the wound, so take good care of the piercing and clean it regularly. Otherwise, it can cause serious infections because of bacteria and dirt stacked in there.

Tragus piercing is known to be a power symbol for mostly girls but now men are equally interested in the fashion statement.

Some people get it done by piercing and some of them just go with a tattoo on their right ear mostly. Ear, because they can hide it anytime with their long hair or a simple head scarf or a long hat.

Can you wear headphones with a tragus piercing?

Wearing headphones is mostly not recommended after getting your tragus pierced until the wound heals completely. But if you still want to wear them, try alternate ways like the Airpods or earbuds. Sometimes, you don’t have other options, what would you do then?

Well, in that case, you can wear over-the-ear headphones but only if they’re not too tight. If you feel pain, immediately take them off. But do this when your wound is a little older for about a day or two. Otherwise, there can be complications in your health.

What other general care instructions to adopt after tragus piercing?

People get their ears, and different body parts pierced because that makes them stand out in the crowd. It’s a different and exotic way to style yourself. But they forget to take care of some things that may cause complications afterward.

So, we have compiled a complete list of the things that one should not do after piercing and must do to protect their wound and let it heal rapidly. Read further to learn about the instructions carefully.

Avoid touching piercing

When you get tragus pierced, there accumulates some fluid usually but don’t worry, that’s just your body reacting to a wound.

The body fills the wound with white blood cells to heal the wound rapidly. But that doesn’t look good, and people start cleaning it every now and then. But don’t forget to first clean your hands before touching your wound. And never touch it with bare hands, instead, use clean surgical clothing or a clean tissue for cleaning it.

Otherwise, bacteria and other living bodies can start your wound to decay instead of letting it heal. Also, the dirt can act as a barrier to its fast recovery.

Clean the wound regularly

One should try to clean the ears with lukewarm saline water because that helps your wound to heal faster. Also, it should be medium hot not too hot for your tragus. Don’t worry, tragus can absorb water on it, hence, you should clean your ears every day 2-3 times.

You can also use the body-friendly soaps if you can’t clean them with just water. The soap will instantly clean your ears and give you more time to let them dry and keep them clean.

Do not wash your hair after tragus piercing

Mostly, people think that tragus piercing is ear piercing but it’s not. Hence, they go and try to wash their hair after the piercing, but this is not recommended at all.

Don’t do this because it can cause your wound to get swollen or get infected. So, take care of your health more than the fashion trends you are following.

Put rubbing alcohol on your wound

Alcohol acts as an anti-bacterial liquid that kills all harmful bacteria. So, if you put rubbing alcohol on your wound, it will help you keep your wound clean. Also, there won’t be any fluid gathered around the wound.

Also, it acts as a protective shield the wound that protects the wound from dirt and outside bacteria. It may hurt a little bit, but it’s for your good and healthy recovery.

The amount of time it takes for full recovery

Tragus piercing doesn’t take long to recover as a piercing wound usually heals in just 6-8 weeks. So, there’s no need to worry about it if it’s a bit slower or irritating. But when you cross that milestone, you can start wearing earbuds for comfortable music pleasure.

But make sure to still clean the tragus piercing before going to bed and after waking up. Because if you don’t look at it for hours, there may be a build-up on the wound. Hence, cleaning is necessary and after that, put rubbing alcohol as usual.

Why should one get their tragus pierced?

Most people don’t get their tragus or any body part pierced because they think it is not good or weird as well as painful. But some of them conquer that fear and get it done as it is already considered the symbol of power. Not only that but there are also a lot of other reasons why people get their tragus pierced.

  • Adds into beauty

The tragus is a very small part of your ear’s cartilage on the outside of your ear. This small protrusion is what most people want to get pierced. Because when they insert jewelry after getting it pierced, it adds beauty and an aesthetic look to their overall personality.

Also, it gives a perception of them in others’ minds as powerful men or women. But never underestimate its care because it is a sensitive part of your body that needs regular cleaning and disinfection.

  • Helps people stand out

Your tragus holds the most eyes while some small stud or any jewelry is inserted. Therefore, it can become a reason to start a conversation with you at parties. As we told earlier, not only women but also men are now equally interested in the piercing of any type.

Hence, everybody gets it done and it makes them stand out in the crowd as a byproduct.

What are the common mistakes and how to avoid them while getting the tragus pierced?

There are multiple mistakes that people forget to take care of. Most of those mistakes are dangerous as well as could cause serious problems in your case. So, what are those mistakes? Read further to know more about them in detail.

Not cleaning the piercings

Most of the time, people forget to clean their wounds which can cause infection and then serious problems resulting in the wound getting worst.

They should keep cleaning their wound whenever they see fluid accumulation around their wound. OR even if there isn’t any accumulation, just clean it after intervals.

Not giving it enough time to heal

Sometimes, you have to go to a party, and you want to wear jewelry, but your wound is not recovered yet. That’s a problem most people face but don’t fall for that. And let it heal properly before doing anything that can cause it to irritate or infect it.

Giving the wound enough time to heal but without cleaning it

Healing time is necessary for any wound before you can get to your normal life and stop thinking about your wound all the time.

But if you just give it time and not the proper attention, it will get worse eventually. By attention, we mean cleaning it and not making it wet from water, lotion, or any cream.

Changing the jewelry too soon

One should not change the jewelry that your piercer has inserted because keeping it in keeps the hole open. And not changing it makes it easy for the wound to heal rapidly. If the jewelry is required to be changed, only do that as your piercer tells you to do.

Final thought

Getting your tragus pierced and then wearing headphones is strictly not recommended by most doctors. So, this is a non-sense question can you wear headphones with a tragus piercing? It takes almost 6-8 weeks to let the wound heal to the point where you can wear headphones or earbuds.

But not until then, because your tragus may start bleeding, lose hearing permanently, or something even worst can happen.

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