Can I Wear Headphones in A Tanning Bed? Risky or Not

Some of you might want to get tan while listening to your favorite music and relaxing. But tanning booths have UV rays that act upon your skin cells to make them look tan.

That’s why some people have concerns about wearing headphones in a tanning booth to listen to music. Mostly, we get asked several times, can I wear headphones in a tanning bed?

In this article, we’ll try to answer this question as well as possible with all the instructions and facts.

Can I Wear Headphones in A Tanning Bed

Can you wear headphones in a tanning bed?

A simple and crispy answer to this question is YES, you can wear headphones and listen to your favorite songs in a tanning bed. A fun fact, when you listen to your favorite calming and soothing music, it keeps you relaxed and helps you meditate with music and tanning at the same time.

But there’s one thing you should take care of, that never leave or let your headphones fall in the tanning booth because that could put your headphones at risk.

Why do people wear headphones in a tanning bed?

People wear headphones even on a tanning bed because of various reasons. Some of the reasons they might have are listed below. Please read further to get to know all of them.

1. They don’t want to miss a podcast

Well, this is a genuine reason we must say. Because sometimes, we’re in the middle of an episode of our favorite show on the podcast but we have to go tanning.

So, everyone just usually wears their headphones and tries to listen to that podcast carefully and we told you earlier that this keeps you relaxed and focused. And we bet this feels like the best way to get some color on.

2. The sound of a tanning bed doesn’t let you relax, so they wear headphones

Tanning beds in the tanning booths have a weird noise continuously hitting their heads. And that’s why it also feels like a genuine reason to put on headphones and drown out that noise. If you only wear the headphones and don’t play anything, it will help you lessen that noise but not too much. Instead, listening to your favorite audios even if on a very low volume gets you out of that noise completely.

3. To listen to calming music

This is one of the most common reasons that make people wear headphones. Ignore everything and listening to your favorite relaxing and soothing music is one of the most important reasons why people choose to wear headphones on the tanning bed.

It gives you a little escape route from reality and be away from all the problems and depression.

4. People feel lonely in a tanning booth

A tanning booth is a closed place because of the radiation circulating inside the booth. But sometimes, one may feel lonely because of that. And what better way to alleviate that lonely feeling is by listening to the music with the great sound quality of the headphones.

Is it safe to wear headphones in a tanning bed?

A one-word answer is YES, you can wear headphones in the tanning bed because it is completely safe in there. Most people are concerned about the headphones getting damaged by the heat thrown at them in a tanning bed.

But you should know that most of the headphones can handle the heat up to 120 Fahrenheit because of their construction material. But, if the tanning bed gets hot at its maximum, it only reached up to 102 Fahrenheit. Therefore, headphones are safe in there, don’t worry.

Even though, the manufacturers have a different statement about that. Some say that headphones work the best in 32 to 95 Fahrenheit, but others say that it’s only for the best working condition for the headphones. Otherwise, headphones can bear a lot more than that range.

And look at the fact how long will you be in there. Because most of the time, people keep taking breaks, and they only last in there for like only 8 to 15 minutes. And this time limit is not enough to damage your headphones at all even if the heat exceeds the manufacturers’ ranges.

So, if you want to wear your headphones in a tanning bed, it is completely safe for you but don’t let them fall in there. Because falling can cause them to get damaged. Also, some doctors and even meditation practitioners recommend listening to the relaxing music in the background.

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5 Best Tips to Wear Headphones in the Tanning Bed

i). Always ask the attendants first if you can wear headphones or not

Some salons have very high radiation and sensitive electronic equipment. They emit UV rays and capture them too. So, if you wear headphones in a room full of such equipment and play the audio, it can interfere with their equipment and make it stop functioning properly.

That’s why always ask the attendants whether you can wear the headphones or not. Otherwise, you may get kicked out of the salon.

ii). Keep your headphones’ volume low

Keeping the volume of your headphones high can cause your ears to hurt and maybe damage the eardrums. Also, it interferes with your hearing sense to listen to the surround sound clearly.

Hence, resulting in not being able to hear anything from the outside within the room you will not be able to have a conversation with others.

iii). Take breaks from the headphones and take them off

Headphones do not get damaged by the heat in the tanning room. But if kept for longer periods, they can get damaged by the continuous heat. Also, they won’t let you hear the attendants clearly if you have them put on.

So, it is always best to take breaks from the headphones between the tanning sessions.

iv). Try to take the wireless headphones with you

Wireless headphones are the best choice in a tanning room because the wired ones can get tangled in something around you. Or they can also get in the way of the attendants and the other people around you. And that’s not what you want to be happening.

v). Take them off before applying lotion or washing your face

This is a great practice for everyone who loves their headphone. Not only just those, but everybody should also take care of the hygiene issues that can cause serious problems if not taken good care of.

Otherwise, the soap and lotion can get inside the headphones and their moisture content can damage your headphones.

Do headphones get damaged by the UV rays in a tanning bed?

Tanning booths produce UV rays because they’re hot and continuously producing heat. It is because heat helps people get tan. But headphones usually can handle 120 Fahrenheit of heat at most and the maximum heat that is present in a tanning booth can go only up to 102 Fahrenheit. That means your headphones are safe.

But still, a common practice is to take breaks from the headphones between the tanning sessions. This is because the continuous heat can damage the internal components of your headphones.

There is an electric circuit running through the entire body of the headphones. That circuit is made of thin wires; hence, those wires cannot withstand heat for longer periods. Therefore, do not keep them permanently in a tanning bed for longer periods. Also, the headphones that are made of plastic SHOULD NEVER BE KEPT inside a tanning room more than one session after a break.

Can I wear earbuds on a tanning bed?

Yes, you can wear earbuds in the tanning bed because they don’t get damaged but the heat or the UV rays at all.

Can I listen to music on my phone in a tanning bed?

Yes, it is totally safe for you to listen to your favorite music in a tanning bed while getting some color on. But a small piece of advice is that you should keep its volume low. So that, you can hear other people as well as not disturb them.

Can I charge my earbuds in a tanning room?

No, one should never charge anything in a tanning room. This is because there is already too much heat produced in a tanning room. And on top of that, if you bring your devices along with you, and put them on the charge, they might get overheated because of overcharging. And because of the heat already present in the room, they can get damaged easily. So, never do that.

Conclusion To conclude the question can I wear headphones on a tanning bed? We can say that YES, you can wear headphones in a tanning bed because the heat produced in the tanning room is not too high for the headphones. On the other hand, headphones can bear a lot more heat than what it is in a tanning room.

So, it’s totally safe.

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