How To Wear Headphones with Long Hair? Don’t ignore your hair

When you wear headphones of good quality, they reduce the outside noise and allow you to listen to the audio with details. Their sound is very crisp and clear like the HD sound. But everything comes with a price, hence, listening to quality music has a price for that.

And that’s your hair getting messy or becoming the headphone hair. Therefore, many people have asked the question of how to wear headphones with long hair?

In this article, we’re going to talk about everything regarding your hair and headphones and the connection between them.

So, please read further to get all the secret tips and tricks for not getting your hair messy because of wearing the headphones.

How To Wear Headphones with Long Hair

How to wear headphones with long hair?

There was a huge problem that people were facing about their hair getting damaged or their hairstyle getting destroyed because of their headphones. On top of that, if they wear headphones for longer periods, their hair used to become headphone hair.

You can counter this problem by keeping the headband of your headphones at the backside. Also, if you’re still not comfortable, you can even push the headband down to your neck for extra space for your hair to be in shape.

Otherwise, you can always easily tie your hair with a hair band or tangle them to make a stylish head bun of your hair. Whatever you choose to do out of these options, will work for you up to some extent. But you can always get your hair shape back in a few minutes or so, but headphone hair is something different.

Let’s look at this concept called headphone hair in detail.

What is headphone hair?

Headphone hair is a new term for a condition of the hair. In which, a dent appears in your hair after wearing the headphones for too long. This happens because headphones are mostly worn on top of your head rounding from one ear to the other.

And when the headband presses your hair for too long, it causes your hair to flatten from that area where the headband was. Hence, the hairstyle becomes the headphone hair.

Sometimes, when you wear too tight headphones, they weaken your hair cuticles. Also, they may remove your hair from roots if your headphones are adjusted after every few minutes. Because that causes your hair to get stuck in the headphone’s headband adjustment range and then get broken off by it.

Mainly this happens with people who wear headphones for too long every day that their hairs start to fall out. If you are a gamer or streamer or a studio artist of some kind, you should be concerned about it.

How to get rid of the headphone hair?

Headphone hair condition doesn’t last long but it feels like it won’t go away. The main concern people usually have about it is its appearance. Because that doesn’t look good. But even if you feel like there’s nothing you can do for this, here are some tips to get rid of the headphone hair.

Use water to style your hair

Using water for styling your hair is a lot more reliable and cheapest way that works for everyone. When you wet your hair with either a spray bottle or directly from the tap, or you just wet the comb before running it through your hair.

All you need to do is to style your hair again after taking the headphones off and they will be ok. But this is a short-term solution, and the aftereffects of headphone hair may still get you.

Try a new hairstyle

Using water and the comb for headphone hair works for some hair types but not for all. Therefore, if you are the one who doesn’t get affected by that trick, try to change your hairstyle. That means ruffling your hair by moving your fingers throughout the hair.

That will straighten your bent strands and keep them up. Then style your hair differently so that the headphone head doesn’t appear clearly or at least keep your hair in another shape to style them from scratch.

If you feel like ruffling your hair doesn’t work, try making your fingers wet before ruffling through your hair. This will give your hair some more strength against the condition to withstand and refresh.

Use Some Hair Products

There are a lot of hair styling products out there that you can use to style your hair in a new shape. We know that the headphone head feels like now it’s permanent. But take hair gel as an example. It is convenient, easy to use, and provides good results in a very short time.

Therefore, when you apply hair gel to your hair, they become what you want them to be. Like they won’t fall if they’re flattened by the headphone hair condition. Also, holding them in their place is a big plus for such a purpose.

Another product for this purpose is the straightening iron. The straightening irons make your hair heated up and break its Keratin bonds. Then you can style them in whatever shape you want. This is also a very convenient way to do it but be very careful because straightening irons should touch your skin, only the hair.

The third thing that is popular for this reason is the hair dryers because they throw hot air at your hair. But you have to wet your hair before using the hair dryer. Not only that, but hair dryers are also easy, safe, and risk-free; hence, can be used by anybody.

How to not get the headphone hair?

Headphone hair is not a major problem on your usual days but what if you have to attend a marriage ceremony or a party after a little while. So, why don’t you just don’t let it happen rather than try tips afterward?

There’s a famous saying about it, prevention is the best cure.

We have some of the best hacks that will stop headphone hair to occur from start.

  • Adjust the headphones’ headband behind your head, or below your chin, if that doesn’t work

The headbands of the headphones can be too tight for your hair, or they may press the hair down and flatten them. This occurs if you wear such headphones for too long. But you can avoid this happening, by adjusting your headband behind your head as it will keep the headband away from your hair.

But if you’re a girl with a hairstyle that doesn’t allow you to keep it behind your head. You can also keep the headband below your chin. But first, make sure you have properly worn the headphone’s ear pads in their proper place. And then think about placing the headband behind or down your chin.

  • Let your hair and ears rest for a while

Taking your headphones on for a very long time is not good for either your health or for the hair. The continuous sound of the headphones can damage your eardrums and their headband will keep putting pressure on your hair. Hence, the hair will get flattened.

Therefore, taking breaks from wearing headphones is necessary for someone who loves to wear headphones for longer periods. Otherwise, you may fall into the realm of long-term damages.

  • Keep moving the headphone band back and forth after intervals

Headphone hair condition occurs because the headband of your headphones keeps pressing the hair from the same area. That means, your hair cannot withstand such pressure for too long. If you are taking breaks between your listening sessions, it’s great for you and your hair both.

But if you don’t want to take breaks, nor do you want to place it behind your head or below your chin, then there’s one more way to stop headphone hair. And that is, keep moving the headband continuously every now and then. That will not let the headband put pressure at the same place for long enough to cause headphone hair. And you will not face any hair-flattening situation at all.

  • Try keeping long hair

Headphone hair occurs only in the short hair types because their hair strands are too short. But if you think that long hair will also suffer from headphone hair, that’s not true. Because long hair is very easy to style, also, the weight of the rest of the strand doesn’t let them get headphone hair. This is because you can keep them straight, use hair gel, other hair products, etc.


There are some important things that you should take care of before and after wearing the headphones. We’ve listed some of them here in this article answering the question of how to wear headphones with long hair?

If you found our article useful, share it with others. Also, don’t forget to write to us if you have any suggestions or more questions regarding the headphones. We’ll be glad to hear from you and try to respond to you as soon as possible.

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